Art on Wheels: The Hulkmobile

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Are you green with envy -- or rage -- over this classic VW Beetle's fate?

You know that freaky car down the road with the plastic baby doll hood ornament and the Jackalope horns mounted to its rear? Ten years ago it would've been nothing more than an eyesore. Now it's an art car -- a vehicle that's been decorated and detailed, primed and pimped, spray-painted and studded to become a totally unique work of art. We're prowling Phoenix to find the best and worst custom painted vehicles. 

We can't decide if we love or hate our latest find, an old-school VW Bug with a custom mural of The Incredible Hulk spray painted from bumper to bumper. Surely, any comic book geek can appreciate this driver's dedication to the Marvel Universe. A Hulkmobile is an awesome idea. Especially when there's Internet buzz flying about who will play Bruce Banner in 2012's Avengers movie (apparently, not Ed Norton).

What's not so awesome is the artist's blocky style, which turns poor Hulk into a giant green version of Vinnie, Pizza the Hutt's muscle from Spaceballs. Or maybe the Hulk mated with Doctor Doom.       

Iron Man as painted by a devoted Picasso fan?

We're even less thrilled with The Hulkmobile's rear end, which may or may not be depicting Iron Man. They've got the colors right. The vents and totally illegal reflective license plate cover sort of match up with where the eyes and mouth might be. But come on. It's not like we haven't seen this character in so long that maybe we'll forget what he actually looks like. 

Unless you have Alzheimer's or boycott all Robert Downey Jr. productions, you probably remember the two blockbuster Iron Man flicks that came out in the past few years. And what's with the stars and bars? Are we giving a nod to Captain America too?

Let's quit now before we get angry. You wouldn't like us when we're angry.

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