Havaianas World Cup Flip Flops

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Forget the Nike ads and U2 music in the promos. 

​We love the Havaianas World Cup Team Flip Flops.  The $24 limited edition line includes fan favorites like Brazil, Spain and Argentina, but there are 14 more teams to choose from for those of you who like bigger odds or an underdog - or need to support that certain player from Portugal.

Or for those

World Cup Flip Flops by Havaianas
of you like me, who just want another pair of cool flip flops, ignore the betting odds and go with the best design - Nederlands - it's already sold out in 2 sizes. 

They fit everyone - men, women, kids and even a TEAM USA pair with ankle straps for babies.  The style is simple, the colors are brilliant and we love the flag on the strap.  You have no excuse - lose the cheesy jersey and support your team with your feet.

Available online @ http://us.havaianas.com


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