Phoenix Transect Project Unveils New Documentary Show

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Courtesy of A.E. England Gallery
A work from Phoenix Transect Project's "Drawing Lines" exhibition
The Phoenix Transect Project is at it again.

Founded in 2007, the group of Arizona State University graduate students and faculty have been focusing its efforts on capturing the Phoenix metro area in the styles of field and documentary photography. Anyone that's been around here for a little bit knows that there hasn't been a shortage of stuff to shoot in this town, ranging from the Valley Metro light-rail construction to public protests over Senate Bill 1070.

Actually, when you think about it, not many large American cities have undergone as much change in the past three years like Phoenix, which means right place, right time for Transect.

The group's latest endeavor is the "Drawing Lines" exhibit, which opens this Friday for a two-month run at A.E. England Gallery. Participating artists include the esteemed Mark Klett as well as a handful of talented up-and-comers, such as Edgar Cardenas and Jennifer Kitson.

Here's some of the group's past work:

American Flag 2 by Edgar Cardenas
N Central Ave & E Columbus Ave, 2008 by Jason Roehner and Ryan Heckel
A work by Chad White
Joe Trevino's Computer Cowboy from the "Buckeye" series

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