Live Webcast Will Attempt to Contact Aliens, Piss Off Stephen Hawking

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You can't say we weren't warned.

On the heels of super-brain Stephen Hawking announcing to the world that aliens do exist and that we should stop trying to talk to them 'cause they're gonna be more like "Ripley!" than "E.T. phone home," along comes Experience: Contact.

Brought to our planet by the folks at Paranormal Matrix, the free, live webcast Experience: Contact will be at 6 p.m.Saturday, June 5, and will feature world-renowned "contact mediator" and author Lyssa Royal Holt, who will attempt to contact extraterrestrial life -- and for the first time ever, let viewers around the world participate live as it happens.

"We've gone beyond questioning whether they exist," says Holt. "We know they do and I am excited to bring the reality of contact with other intelligence in our universe to a worldwide Internet audience. It will be a fascinating adventure."

Wanna be there for the pre-invasion? Click here to register.

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