Art on Wheels: Beamer Gone Wild

Categories: Visual Art

This car could be worse. It could be... cow print *shudder*.
The BMW is a status car -- a symbol of wealth, success and class. That is, unless you go wild with a can of paint and cheapen it up like a twenty dollar Walmart rug. This zebra-striped beauty is painted from bumper to bumper and even sports matching fuzzy zebra seat covers. Yee-haw!

Now, this isn't one of those old junkers that some kid spray paints in dull primer stripes and treats like crap. You can see from its still glossy paint job and carport home that the Zebra Car (Zebrar?) is maintained and well-loved.

A censored license plate worthy of The Zebrar.
​We're not sure what this older model BMW says about its owner (Screw The Man and his boring Beamers? I'm an animal? I like playing with paint?), but we always get a little smile out of it every time we pass its home near Broadway Rd. and McClintock in Tempe. Somehow, we're guessing that's exactly what the mama or daddy of this sexy striped baby intended. 

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