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The Ted Bundy Special: We couldn't decide if this finalist's Mother's Day themed shirt was clever or creepy.

We've seen some pretty funky fashions on the streets of Phoenix. And by "funky" we mean tacky, wacky, unflattering or just plain fugly. Neon green fishnet shirts. Muumuus on twentysomethings. Too-tight pants that form a topographical map of the cellulite on a big booty (the birthmark? yeah, it's right next to crater #3). 

In our Fashion Hall of Shame, we're calling out the worst of the worst. This week yielded several fine contestants, from a woman in flannel Betty Boop printed pajama bottoms at the Farmers' Market to a forty-year-old (virgin?) in a floor-length puke green skirt.​

But our winner takes the -- neon coated -- cake. Click through to see this week's fashion don'ts.

A roller derby queen in the making?

​This tall, gorgeous blonde was spotted at a bookstore in Tempe sporting a color palette that would've been the envy of all back in 1983: Aqua polo, neon pink knee socks and orthopedic looking shoes. Ok, maybe not the shoes.

In Miss Neon's defense, this outfit does look like a uniform. Has Hot Dog on a Stick changed their color palette? Maybe she's a roller derby girl in training. Or perhaps her soccer/golf/volleyball/whatever coach has a unique sense of "style."

Whatever the case, she's the first to be inducted into our Fashion Hall of Shame. Watch out. You could be next...    

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