Sex and the City 2 Fashion Show Drives Us to Drink (a Cosmo)

Guests got Carried away by this cute babydoll dress.
Last night, Sex and the City fans gathered by the rooftop pool at the W Scottsdale for Steve Levine's "Carrie On" Fashion Show in celebration of the upcoming second film release.

Surprisingly, the gender divide wasn't as wide as expected. About a third of the audience were dudes -- though whether they were there to peep the fashions or in hopes of getting laid afterward by a cosmo-drunk SATC fan, we can't say.

What we can say is that the show itself was the smoothest running and most appealing Phoenix Fashion Week preview so far.


​The scene was pretty tame considering how well-lubricated everyone was, and the fact there was a bona fide semi-celeb in the house: Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle

Several hotel guests from England we bumped into didn't even realize there was a show going on last night. "Is this like Nascar? Are they all going to crash into the pool?" another male VIP quipped when he noticed the catwalk's location. Sorry, dude. No such luck.

The show featured chic fashions from Macy's. First, there were clothes inspired by the ones worn in the New York part of the film. It was easy to spot the picks for each of the girls: Flirty dresses for Carrie, hot and tight numbers for Samantha, Miranda's power girl clothes and Charlotte's flowered sundresses and long-sleeved coats.

Most of them were winners -- sassy, chic fashions the average girl could wear on a date or drinking cosmos with her gal pals. 

The downside was the lack of the edgy, I-can't-believe-she's-wearing-that-in-public couture Carrie is known for donning. Guess Macy's is playing it safe these days. Hosting entertainment company Steve Levine, on the other hand, took a few risks.

An unexpected show within the show.

A trio of belly dancers writhed like snakes on the catwalk to introduce the portion of the show inspired by the Middle East trip the SATC girls take in movie number two. "What the hell is this?" griped a very vocal Aussie in the crowd as the dancers came out. He pissed and moaned until he noticed how sexy the slickly oiled Latina in the group was when she was undulating three feet from his face. Then it was, "woah, she's hot!" 

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