Joe Arpaio Pinatas: Brilliant!

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arpaio pinata.jpg
Scarily life-like, this sheriff is made of paper mache.
Have you had the urge to whack Sheriff Joe Arpaio upside the head?

Soon you'll have the chance, thanks to Provocative Pinatas Inc., the brain child of Scott Jacobson.

Jacobson (best known as the one-time director of Valley Leadership and corporate relations guru for Arizona Public Service, he's now a "management consultant") is a bit of a trickster --but he's dead serious about his opposition to Arizona's new immigration law.

And he's decided it's time folks had a way to take out their aggressions.

Why stop at Sheriff Joe? Jacobson says he's adding Sarah Palin, John McCain and Governor Jan Brewer to the Provocative Pinata product list.

No word yet as to when the pinatas will be for sale, but as soon as we hear you'll be the first to know.

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