Sarah "Saza" Dimmick of EPIK Dance Company: 100 Creatives

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Meet the dancer.
Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 25. Sarah "Saza" Dimmick.

Sarah "Saza" Dimmick is always on the move.

And that's no overstatement. Looking over the Mesa-based 34-year-old dancer and choreographer's credentials and day-to-day schedule is nothing short of, well, epic.

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Meg McNiel of Phoenix's Love and Hate Tattoo & Piercing on Straight-Up Old-School Tattoos

Courtesy of Meg McNiel
Meg McNiel is one of Phoenix's most experienced and accomplished "old school" tattoo artists

When she was only 13, Meg McNiel, now co-owner of Love and Hate Tattoo & Piercing in Phoenix, hand-poked a moon tattoo on her ankle in her home just outside of Seattle.

"I don't even know how I knew it, but I knew that if you wrapped a sewing needle in thread so just the end was exposed and dipped it in India ink, the ink would stay when you poked yourself with it," McNiel says.

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Tempe's Tree House Collective to Open in September

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Connor Descheemaker
Tree House Collective founder Moonbeam Le May opens her new shop Saturday, September 6.

Moonbeam Le May is a maker. Like many makers, she sells on Etsy, and has a community of people around her who share and support that passion to create.

A few months ago, Le May began utilizing those community connections to host a monthly second Saturday market at a University Drive warehouse in Tempe. But rather than content herself with this sort of sporadic gathering, Le May thought bigger. Thus, the idea for The Tree House Collective was born.

On Saturday, September 6, The Tree House Collective will open its tiny, nondescript doors to the public, presenting an overflow of local artisans offering everything from metaphysical herbs and stones to cleaning products, jewelry, and vintage clothing. Open daily to the public, Le May hopes to offer something local and purposeful to the diverse denizens of Tempe.

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10 Essential Bicycle Resources in Metro Phoenix

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Courtney Pedroza
Get back on those saddles, Phoenix!
Being a cyclist might mean outfitting yourself in all spandex and going for weekend rides on your high-dollar Specialized ride. It might also mean riding to the farmers market in a sundress and putting organic kale in your wicker basket, ringing your bell as you head out. Maybe both are way off base and you just want a safe, cheap, and fun way to do your favorite outdoor exercise. In any case, there's a few helpful shops, groups, and apps to help Phoenix area cyclists get out there and get pedaling.

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10 Best Shops for ASU Students in Tempe

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Courtesy Ali Dodt
Did you think we'd make a back-to-school list and not include Tempe?

Come on.

There's nothing like a little retail therapy to get in the right mind for back-to-school season. Whether your interests lie in outfitting yourself with the latest tech gear or the season's best fall fashions, there are plenty of ways to get your fall semester off to the right start in Tempe.

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Phoenix Comedian Anwar Newton: 100 Creatives

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Courtesy of Anwar Newton
Meet the comedian.

Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 26. Anwar Newton.

Yeah, you're probably familiar with Anwar Newton, a.k.a. the guy who recently went to San Diego Comic-Con on shrooms and chronicled his trippy experience in hilarious texts that quickly went viral.

Just so happens, Newton's funny on the regular. In fact, he's a comedian. And he's based in Phoenix.

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Tom Cotter on Lucky Breaks and America's Got Talent

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Courtesy of Tom Cotter
It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.

And no one knows this better than Tom Cotter. The New York comedian came in second to a troupe of dancing dogs on the seventh season of ABC's America's Got Talent. Since then, he's been riding out his runner-up success, restocking his arsenal of quick one-liners, and taking his show on the road. Up next is Phoenix, Arizona.

We caught up with Cotter before his upcoming shows in the Valley to discuss talent, timing, and the dogs that still give him nightmares.

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You Can Surf at Downtown Phoenix's CityScape Through August 31

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The surf comes to Phoenix in the form of the FlowRider during "Surfing on Central."

It sat dormant in the courtyard of downtown's CityScape, inflated but unused, during the early weeks of summer. Despite the hype and anticipation, the shopping center's summer surfing attraction seemed in danger of bailing out before it even got off the ground. But the slow start paid off, bringing the ocean to desert dwellers right in their own backyard.

Surfing on Central provides artificial wave simulation for would-be, landlocked surfers who can't make it to the beach. Measuring 400 square feet and using approximately 38,000 gallons of water, the inflatable FlowRider, the device is the first of its kind from the California-based company of the same name.

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WWE's Jimmy Uso on His Family's Wrestling Legacy and Having His Private Life Aired on Total Divas

Courtesy of WWE
Jimmy Uso unleashes a Superfly splash on an opponent inside a WWE ring.
Whenever the WWE's Jimmy Uso and his brother Jey hit the ring, they aren't so much wrestling as they are fulfilling their family's legacy. That's because both high-flying superstars are members of the Anoa'i clan, a large family of Samoan grapplers who have performed in the WWE over the past 40 years.

If you watched pro wrestling back in the day -- specifically, during the 1970s and '80s -- you might have seen the Usos' great uncles Afa and Sika beating down the competition as a part of the legendary tag team The Wild Samoans. Many others in the expansive Anoa'i family, which includes three generations of wrestlers, also became famous for their exploits in the WWE, including such stars as Yokozuna, Rosie and Jamal, The Rock, and Jimmy and Jey's father, Rikishi Fatu.

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Bassim Al-Shaker's Phoenix Studio Robbed; 10 Paintings Stolen

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Courtesy of ASU/Bassim Al Shaker
This is one of the 10 paintings that was stolen from Bassim Al Shaker's studio.

Bassim Al-Shaker's Phoenix art studio was robbed on the morning of Monday, August 18.

Ten paintings were stolen from Al-Shaker's space at Fourth and McKinley streets in the former location of Nancy Hill's Hazel & Violet. He's been painting there since July. The studio is a quick walk from his residence at Combine Studios, where the Iraqi-born creative formerly worked as an international artist in residence through ASU Art Museum.

Al-Shaker is reportedly devastated.

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