The Over-Stuffed End-of-Summer Film Podcast with Guardians, Lucy, and Get on Up

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Universal Pictures
Chadwick Boseman works up a sweat as James Brown.

On this week's film podcast, Stephanie defends her Guardians of the Galaxy review against Internet trolls who tell her to go suck eggs, and we touch on Scarlett Johansson in Lucy and the excellent James Brown biopic Get on Up. There's a lot to be had in this one. Enjoy.

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Phoenix Dancer Gavin Sisson: 100 Creatives

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Courtesy of Scorpius Dance Theatre
Meet the dancer.

Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 39. Gavin Sisson.

Being up in the air is one of Gavin Sisson's specialties.

The 35-year-old dancer is renowned for his work in aerial movement, dancing, spinning, and twisting while several feet off the ground and clinging to silks that hang from above, ropes, or the lyra, a suspended hoop. Sisson has been with Lisa Starry's Scorpius Dance Theatre since 2011. He serves as the troupe's aerial trainer and helps run its aerial arts studio, in addition to working as the company's assistant director.

And this fall, he's stepping into the spotlight.

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5 Must-See Movies in Metro Phoenix This August

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Troublemaker Studios
Have you been waiting for this sequel as impatiently as we have?
Some of your favorite comic and cartoon characters might be coming to life this month on the silver screen. Or maybe you're excited to catch a biographical peek into the world of a prolific fashion designer or genre-bending indie band. In any case, there's plenty of good stuff to see in theaters this August, and we have five suggestions for your viewing pleasure.

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The Basic Bitch Breakdown: Your Guide to Basics in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix

Alan Stark via Flickr
Courting Disaster is Jackalope Ranch's weekly column of dating horror stories, observations, how-tos, and more by Katie Johnson. Names of ex-boyfriends, past hookups, and bad blind dates have been changed to protect the guilty.

Heads up, bitches. This one's going to sting.

Whether you love her, hate her, or secretly wonder if you are her, the basic bitch is everywhere. From the West Coast to the East Coast, Midwest, and down south, this simple lady can found playing it safe inside a neighborhood Starbucks, under the mist of a spray tan, or on social media posting selfies (#blessed).

Of course, the basic bitch doesn't just vary from state to state, she varies by city. Which is why we're breaking down the basics of being basic in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix.

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Artist Cecil Balmond to Design New Shade Structure at Mesa Arts Center

Categories: News, Visual Art

Courtesy of Cecil Balmond and Mesa Contemporary Arts
Balmond's new design will provide more shade while complementing existing designs at MAC
Ten years old might sound way too young to have a facelift, but it isn't if you're Mesa Arts Center. This week, MAC announced that internationally renowned artist and designer Cecil Balmond has been selected to create a shade structure that will connect the Mesa Arts Center's North Plaza with Main Street in downtown Mesa.

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AriZoni Theatre Award Nominees Announced

Categories: Morning Buzz

Courtesy of Phoenix Theatre
Phoenix Theatre's Ruthless! has nine nominations in the 2014 AriZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence.
The 2013-14 theater season may be over but the rounds of applause are just getting started.

On Monday, July 28, the nominees for the 2013-14 AriZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence were announced at Phoenix Theatre with numerous categories ranging from the overall production of contracted and non-contracted plays to original music composition in an adult and youth play or musical.

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Melissa Dunmore of Phoenix's Mujeres del Sol: 100 Creatives

Categories: 100 Creatives

Courtesy of Melissa Dunmore
Meet the creative.

Phoenix is brimming with creativity. And every other year, we put the spotlight on 100 of the city's creative forces. Leading up to the release of this year's Best of Phoenix issue, we're profiling 100 more. Welcome to the 2014 edition of 100 Creatives. Up today: 40. Melissa Dunmore.

"I am always working on something whether it's a poem, a narrative, a bracelet, a recipe," Melissa Dunmore says.

The 24-year-old Phoenix poet, performer, and writer is a member of Mujeres del Sol, an arts collective of women and girls, and works in social justice and youth development. Her many interests mean there's never nothing to do. "I love to cross everything off my To-Do List, and regularly have about a dozen tabs open on my Mac, reading article after article, and books -- always a book," she says of her day-to-day schedule. "If I can get to the library I am happy."

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UFC Is Coming to US Airways Center

Categories: Events, Sports

Mark Richardson/Flickr
And it'll look something like this.

UFC, the premier organization for mixed martial arts, is hosting its first-ever event in Arizona on Saturday, December 13 at the US Airways Center. It will be broadcast internationally as the UFC's 13th event on Fox.

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Mark Walters of Tempe's Living Canvas Tattoos on His One Tattoo Regret

Josh Chesler
Mark Walters is one of the most highly regarded Japanese-style tattoo artists in Metro Phoenix.

Mark Walters is just another victim of the evil subject known as math.

The owner and one of the artists at Living Canvas Tattoos in Tempe didn't intend to go into tattooing, he wanted to work with his dad as an architect, but he always found himself struggling with the numbers side of the architecture business. When he began his first apprenticeship in 1987, Walters, 44, says people's views on tattoos were quite a bit different than they are today.

"It wasn't the cool thing, having tattoos or being an artist. I think celebrities, athletes, public personas getting tattoos really changed how people look at them," Walters says. "I used to go places and people would be like 'Holy shit!' because of my sleeves, now if you go somewhere and you don't have sleeves, people are surprised."

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Frances Announces Fall Craft Workshops in Central Phoenix

Categories: Crafts, Events

Courtesy of Frances
The popular boutique continues its monthly workshop series this fall.

Frances, oft-heralded one of central Phoenix's best boutiques, continues its popular hands-on craft series this fall. Taught by local talent, the monthly workshops, which in the past have ranged from terrarium building to jewelry making to cocktail creation, are designed with both the craft capable and novices in mind.

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