Wendy Whelan Brings Restless Creature to Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

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Christopher Duggan
Wendy Whalen, dancing here with Joshua Beamish, brings Restless Creature to Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts on February 3.
After retiring from New York City Ballet last October, Wendy Whelan had no intention of curtailing the physical and intellectual movement that's been the hallmark of her esteemed career. Instead, the ballerina with a gift for contemporary dance turned her considerable energy and insatiable curiosity towards developing new collaborative projects and creating the Wendy Whelan New Works Initiative.

Whelan started by engaging four dancer-choreographers in creating a suite of four duets dubbed Restless Creature, a name that clearly reflects the dancer's own spirit of artistic adventure. Each choreographer dances the duet he created, with Whelan, as part of the innovative suite, which premièred at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts in 2013.

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Modern Phoenix Home Tour 2015 Tickets on Sale February 1

Becky Bartkowski
Several Al Beadle homes were featured on the 2014 tour.

Midcentury Modern aficionados, go ahead and schedule a reminder for noon on Sunday, February 1.

That's when tickets to the 2015 edition of the Modern Phoenix Home Tour go on sale. In recent years, the tour has highlighted mostly residential architecture from big names including Ralph Haver and Paolo Soleri in such neighborhoods and areas as Arcadia, Phoenix's west side, and Sunnyslope. Now in its 11th year, the tour will put the spotlight on mid-century dwellings in Southern Scottsdale.

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Courtesy of Live Nation
Comerica Theatre's got Hart this Super Bowl weekend.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has reached a level in his career few comedians ever do: He no longer needs an introduction. Whether they've seen his hilarious stand-up, TV cameos, or one of the seven (seven!) movies in which he's had a part this past year, people know Kevin Hart. Which makes our job pretty easy; we just say, "Kevin Hart's coming," and people go, "Oh, we should go to that!" So, on that note:

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Jim Norton on Sharing Perverted Personal Stories and "Bonding" with Audiences

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Courtesy of Jim Norton
Jim Norton will be at Tempe Improv for four shows on Friday, January 30 and Saturday, January 31.

If you're easily offended, you might want to stay away from the Tempe Improv on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you're not, then you'll be able to see comedian Jim Norton do some new, topical material this weekend.

"If you're offended by Bill Cosby rape jokes or strap-on stories, or if you're politically correct, you're not going to like it," Norton says. "I think every man should have a good strap-on story, and I've always been very self-revealing on stage and very open about my disastrous sexual life."

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10 Tips for Avoiding the Friend Zone

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Flickr/Intel Free Press

While escaping out of the friend-zone is only slightly easier than scaling the walls to escape the pit in The Dark Knight Rises, there are times when we accidentally place ourselves deep in the friend-zone when we could've been so much more.

We're not saying these will work in every scenario -- because sometimes it's just not meant to be. But here are 10 of tips for avoiding the friend zone in the first place.

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Rapture, Blister, Burn at Theatre Artists Studio in Scottsdale: A Hard-Earned Lesson in Modern Feminism

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Mark Gluckman
Debra Rich and Alexandra Uptadel in Rapture, Blister, Burn.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing two-time Pulitzer Prize in Drama finalist Gina Gionfriddo. Her most recent work, Rapture, Blister, Burn has been hailed as a great feminist play. Much of our conversation revolved around where the idea for the show came from and what message she was trying to convey. Without having seen the play, I got the sense from speaking with Gionfriddo that this play was about shifting ideologies -- not just how the goals of the feminist movement have evolved over the past few decades to meet the changing needs of women in our culture, but also how a woman's understanding of and need for feminism can shift throughout her individual lifespan. (Please note: I use the term "women" here in reference to the female characters in the play. Feminism is beneficial to all people, regardless of gender.)

Rapture, Blister, Burn recently opened at Theatre Artist's Studio in Scottsdale. The work itself, and this performance of it, were admittedly underwhelming in some minor regards. The plot was a bit contrived, the characters a little disproportionate to the space. Despite these shortcomings, I walked away from the play unable to stop thinking about the themes and theories discussed therein -- which clearly need to be thought and talked about.

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11 Super Bowl Weekend Comedy Events in Metro Phoenix

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Courtesy of Live Nation
Kevin Hart is scheduled to perform at Comerica Theatre on Friday, January 30, and Saturday, January 31.
Heard any good jokes lately about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his (allegedly) soft balls? We're guessing that you have, since many a comedian (not to mention sports wags nationwide) have gotten a lot of mileage out of the whole hullabaloo surrounding Deflategate. And such cracks and quips are probably going to keeping coming, what with Super Bowl XLIX happening Sunday, February 1, over in Glendale.

We're equally as certain that those won't be the only sort of jokes inspired by football you'll hear during the next few days, as the NFL, its many controversies this season, and such colorful stars as infinitely quotable Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman providing endless amounts of material.

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Josh Duffy on Opening a Tattoo Shop in Glendale and How Reality TV Impacts Longtime Tattooers

Josh Chesler
When he's not doing top-notch realism tattoos, Duffy also does murals, sings, and plays both guitar and piano.

Josh Duffy has always been fascinated by tattoos. From the moment he got his first tattoo at the age of 21, he knew it was what he wanted to do for a living.

Fast forward to present day, and Duffy has moved out of the slums of Los Angeles to being on the brink of opening up his own tattoo shop, Black Castle Art Co., in the Valley of the Sun.

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Puppies Are Coming to CityScape Phoenix for Puppy Bowl XI

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Puppy Bowl via Facebook
Fact: puppy football is 100 times more adorable than human football.
Look, we can't vouch for your love of the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks. But we can bet money that you're a fan of puppies. The Puppy Bowl, a time-honored tradition for people who love dogs and could go either way on football, is making its 11th appearance on Animal Planet this weekend.

And while the cuddly championship has been pre-recorded to air at 1 p.m. local time before Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1, Animal Planet and the Arizona Humane Society have teamed up to bring the real deal to downtown Phoenix.

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What's the State of the Arts in Arizona? A Questionnaire for Phoenix and Beyond

Jackalope Ranch wants your take on the arts in Arizona.

Take a deep breath, Phoenix. Between shakeups at major institutions, changes coming to arts hubs, and a slew of closings and openings, there's a lot going on -- and even more to take in.

What better time to take the pulse of the state's arts scene?

Jackalope Ranch wants your take on what's happening, what should be happening, and what's next for all aspects of the arts in and around metro Phoenix, including murals, spoken word, theater, museums, galleries, public art, and dance.

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