3 Free Events in Metro Phoenix This Week

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United Artists
Between grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and hitting the stores on Black Friday, it might be wise to put some affordable activities on this week's agenda. From complimentary movie screenings to all-ages comedy nights and neighborhood art fairs, there are plenty of no-cost happenings to complement your more pricey engagements. Make some room on your plates, people, because here are our top three picks for three events this week.

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5 Gifts for the Photographer

Evie Carpenter
A vintage camera is definitely on our photographer's wish list.
We haven't crunched the numbers or anything, but we're pretty sure that photography is one of the most expensive jobs or hobbies to sustain. Just think about it. An aspiring photographer is going to spend close to a grand just to acquire all the basic equipment to get started. Then down the road when he or she is ready to upgrade, well, we just don't really like to think about how much that'll cost. Let's just say us photographers do it for the love of it and believe that everything else is worth it.

But lucky for you, you're just buying the photographer in your life a gift, and that definitely does not mean you have to promise away your first-born child to do so. Here are five presents that your shutterbug will love -- and that you'll love giving to them.

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"Shifting Sands" Transports Viewers to Middle East at ASU Art Museum

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Courtesy of the artist and Galeria SENDA.
Isabel Rocamora, "Horizon of Exile," U.K., 2007. (detail of film still). Dual channel film for installation, 16 mm transferred to digital.

It's dark.

The walls are black, the carpeting is black, and even the beanbags offered as seating are black. This dark environment pulls you in as you pass by. It's hard to ignore the images on the screens and the sounds of revving engines and children screaming.

This is the opening scene to "Shifting Sands: Recent Videos from the Middle East" at the ASU Art Museum. The exhibition presents the film and video works of four international artists in their quest to show the changing cultural, political, and geographical environments across the Middle Eastern landscape.

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25 Reasons We're Thankful to Live in Phoenix

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Happy Thanksgiving, Phoenix.

Thanks, Phoenix.

No, really.

We know it's not like us to get all mushy and stuff. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving (and inspired by the mushiness of stuffing), we're reflecting on why we're thankful to live in the Valley of the Sun.

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Big Hits and Big Misses at The Big Heap Vintage and Handmade Festival in Scottsdale

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Katie Johnson
The Big Heap Vintage and Handmade Festival came to Salt River Fields over the weekend.
Another day, another vintage market.

The Big Heap Vintage and Handmade Festival came to Salt River Fields over the weekend, featuring over 80 vendors hand-picked from 15 different cities across Arizona as well as nine other states around the country. While the three-day event brought in a fair amount foot traffic, bringing out the big guns like live music, a fashion parade, and a raffled off playhouse on Saturday on Sunday, like any of the many junk jubilees happening around town these days, it wasn't without its ups and downs.

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5 Gifts for the Book Lover

Evie Carpenter
The Bookshop is perfect for book lovers hunting for awesome used books.
People who love books are kind of a different breed. We're not talking about the person who occasionally browses the New York Times best-sellers list. We're talking about those midnight release frequenters, those readers who have a literary reference for everything, those coworkers who need an extra few cups of coffee because they were up all night finishing the latest page-turner, and those hardcore shippers who take it personally if you don't respect their chosen One True Pairing.

Buying the book lover in your life another hardcover this holiday season just seems a little too easy, doesn't it? Branch out. We've got five suggestions for gifts to surprise your bibliophile with something perfectly bookish without actually having a cover and hundreds of plot-lined pages.

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Your Guide to Shopping Black Friday (And Beyond) in Metro Phoenix

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Joseph Brent via Flickr
Put your shopping shoes on, Phoenix.
Four a.m. wake-up calls? Camping outside of electronics stores? Searching endlessly for parking spots at the mall?

We'll pass.

This year, let's make a pact to put our post-Thanksgiving shopping hours to good use by visiting the local and lesser-known sales around town. Between vintage pop-ups and flea markets as well as museum sales and online promotions, there are plenty of ways to tackle your holiday shopping list without actually being tackled outside a Walmart.

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Courtesy of Practical Art
Do the robot.

"Musée des Roboddities"

Grim visions of the future often cast technology that gets out of humankind's hands as our ultimate conqueror. We will gladly welcome our new overlords if they are as charming as the clanky figures of Space Boy Robot's "Musée des Roboddities," which is on view through Sunday, November 30.

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Has Jennifer Lawrence Outgrown Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games?

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Photo: Murray Close
Jennifer Lawrence in Mockingjay

Can The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 keep up with the first two films? Why was the final book split into two movies? Does Katniss even want to be part of this revolution? On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, we discuss all things Hunger Games before moving onto a documentary about Sheffield, England's Pulp, and finishing with a recommendation for Happy Valley, a documentary on the fallout after the Penn State scandal. Be sure to follow our hosts on Twitter: Alan Scherstuhl (@studiesincrap), Stephanie Zacharek (@szacharek), and Amy Nicholson (@theamynicholson).

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5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

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Jessica Obert
View a slideshow of Pancakes and Booze Art Show at The Duce.

Pancakes & Booze Art Show

If there are two things Tom Kirlin loves, it's fine art and flapjacks -- hence his ever-expanding Pancakes and Booze Art Show. The concoction of booze, batter, and breakout artists, which has popped up everywhere from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, Portland to Atlanta, is once again serving up breakfast in downtown Phoenix.

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