How the California Drought Will Affect Your Grocery Bill

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Packaged salads and avocados are about to get pricier next time you checkout.
Adding to the lime shortage from Mexico, this season's serious drought in California could mean a higher total on your grocery bill. Produce such as lettuce, avocados, grapes, and stone fruit will see dramatic price increases as the drought drives farmers to either decrease the amount they plant this season or not plant at all, according to NBC Bay Area.

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St. Francis in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

Heather Hoch
Come for the baguette, stay for the cocktails.
The Spot: St. Francis
111 East Camelback Road

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Dine Out for Life on April 24 and Help Fight HIV and AIDS

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Hannah E. Williams
Chef Chrysa Robertson's Rancho Pinot will donate 50 percent of the night's proceeds to charity.
The annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser will take place this week on Thursday, April 24. On that day, dozens of local restaurants have pledged to donate anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent of their proceeds to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. The money raised from diners on Thursday will go toward the ongoing campaign of education, health, and wellness services in our area.

Participating restaurants include Cibo Pizzeria, Bliss ReBar, Mi Patio, and Rancho Pinot, all of which will donate half of their proceeds to the cause. Both Barrio Cafe and MacAlpine's Restaurant & Soda Fountain will be donating 100 percent of their proceeds for the event. For more participating restaurants, read on.

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Payton Curry Posts Photo of Food Critic on Twitter -- Way to Keep It Classy, Chef

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Payton at Blackboard.jpg
Nikki Buchanan
Chef Payton Curry
Chef Payton Curry of Brat Haus and Taco Haus isn't playing nicely. The chef, clearly unhappy about a recent review of his restaurant Taco Haus written by local food writer Gwen Ashley Walters, outed the undercover restaurant reviewer on Twitter on Monday.

Walters, who writes reviews for Phoenix Magazine and publishes her own food blog, Pen and Fork, regularly goes out of her way to hide her identity in order to maintain her ability to review restaurants anonymously. It seems Curry has little regard for her efforts.

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How to Make a Cookie Bowl

Categories: Sugar Rush

Rachel Miller
Cookie bowl, ready for ice cream.

Everyone has been abuzz over Dominique Ansel's latest craze, the cookie shot glass. We covered the cronuts and even recreated them here on the Chow Bella blog. But I had to put my foot down on the cookie shot glass. Who wants to drink the milk before eating the cookie? Not me!

That is why we are proud to introduce the cookie bowl!

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Domino's New Specialty Chicken: A Taste Test

image courtesy Domino's Pizza
"Hey, you got your pizza on my chicken nuggets!" "Hey, you got your chicken nuggets on my pizza!"

The Guilty Pleasure: Specialty Chicken
Where to Get It: Domino's Pizza. Locations everywhere, but you were getting delivery anyway.
Price: $5.99 when you buy another item from their mix-and-match menu
What it Really Costs: [opens box] Jeez, that's it for six bucks?

Domino's Pizza has me scratching my head lately. Over the last few years, they've done some hardcore marketing to say that their mass-produced pizza is less dismal than it used to be.

Then we saw a press release for their new four varieties of Specialty Chicken, boneless chicken pieces topped with sauce, cheese, and toppings. It's basically a pizza with chicken nuggets in lieu of crust.

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5 Best Restaurants in Arcadia Right Now

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Lauren Saria
Crudo's famous crispy pig ears.
There are plenty of reasons for food lovers to like the Arcadia neighborhood -- the central location, the ranch-style homes, the plentiful citrus trees, and, of course, the plethora of dining and drinking options.

There's no shortage of places to grab a bite or a cocktail in this Phoenix neighborhood and our list of the very best right now includes everything from one of the nation's best bars to a trendy new spot for burgers and more.

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Charleen Badman of FnB Restaurant: 2014 Urban Legend Award, Culinary Arts

Categories: Big Brains

Lauren Saria
Charleen Badman in her home garden.
In honor of the fifth annual Big Brain Awards, New Times is recognizing five Urban Legends, established creative pioneers who have made Phoenix a better, cooler place.

Leading up to the Big Brain Awards announcement and Artopia on April 25, Jackalope Ranch, Chow Bella, and Up on the Sun will profile the legends. Up today: Charleen Badman.

"We'll accomplish so much more if we work together," FnB chef Charleen Badman says.

She's sitting in one of the cozy dining rooms at her Scottsdale restaurant talking about her vision for schools and food education. The James Beard Award-nominated chef is passionate about lots of things -- yoga, gardening, and, of course, cooking -- and near (if not at) the top of the list is teaching young people where food comes from.

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5 Favorite Cocktail Bars in Central/Downtown Phoenix: Quick PHX

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Sarah Hurwitz
Who serves your favorite cocktails in Central/Downtown Phoenix?
Our Quick PHX guide this year showed you a lot of dining, partying, and entertainment options, and we have a few more suggestions that we'll share in the coming weeks.

Today we'll show you the best spots for cocktails in Central/Downtown Phoenix:

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Outstanding in the Field Will Return to Agritopia This Fall; Tickets on Sale Now

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Jeremiah Toller
Outstanding in the Field will return to Agritopia this fall.
This fall Outstanding in the Field, the company that hosts unique outdoor dining events, will return to Gilbert's Agritopia community. The company aims to "re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it" by hosting picturesque pop-up dinners at farms and other unconventional locales all over the country.

This year's Outstanding in the Field event at The Farm at Agritopia will be held on Tuesday, October 21 at 2 p.m., featuring Agritopia farmer Erich Schultz and chef Gio Osso of Scottsdale's Virtu Honest Craft.

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