Mamma Toledo's The Pie Hole Will Return in New Central Phoenix Space

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Mamma Toledo's/Facebook
The Pie Hole will open again!
That was quick.

Less than two months after closing its doors at 110 East Roosevelt Street, Tonya Saidi's The Pie Hole has found a new Central Phoenix spot to call home. The pie shop closed on June 10, at which time Saidi (a.k.a. Mamma Toldeo) said she was looking for a larger space for her operation.

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Fried Chicken Fight: Bootleggers v. Phoenix Public Market Cafe

Lauren Saria
Fried chicken from Bootleggers in Scottsdale.
Thank goodness for fried chicken because without this dish, we'd have nothing to stuff ourselves with after an emotionally exhausting experience. It's one of the pillars of comfort food and -- particularly when paired with a heap of something starchy -- makes for a pretty much perfect meal.

There are plenty of places that specialize specifically in battering and frying pieces of bird, but we've also noticed a few spots around town that have added fried chicken on their menus. Bootleggers does a solid job with smoked meats and moonshine, but Southern fried chicken? We'll see about that. And as for fried meat on the otherwise health-focused menu at Phoenix Public Market Cafe -- well, you can understand our curiosity.

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Bobby Q Recognized as One of the Nation's 30 Best BBQ Spots

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New Times
Is this Phoenix BBQ joint one of your favorites?
Although other places in the nation pridefully boast their barbecue prowess, one Phoenix restaurant is showing America what the Valley has to offer fans of smoked meat. Bobby Q was ranked among the top thirty BBQ joints in the nation by Open Table's Diners' Choice awards after about a decade of serving up great 'cue to Phoenicians.

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Delux in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

Josh Chesler
The Delux "Duo" is a great way to try the acclaimed burger without stuffing yourself.

The Spot: Delux
3146 East Camelback Road, Phoenix

The Hours: Happy Hour is offered Monday - Friday from 4 until 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. daily, though the sushi kitchen closes at midnight Sunday - Thursday.

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That's a Wrap to Close After 18 Years; Owners Seeking Buyer for Restaurant

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Molly Smith
Get ready to say good-bye to That's a Wrap in central Phoenix.
It's been a long run for That's a Wrap, the healthy-minded restaurant located at 800 East Camelback Road. But after 18 years, the restaurant is preparing to close its doors on Friday, August 29.

The building the restaurant occupies has been purchased by a local car dealership and will be bulldozed to make room for a new dealership. Sadly, this isn't the first instance of a local restaurant mainstay being ousted to make room for a car dealership.

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No. 2 Crepe from Jobot Coffee: 100 Favorite Dishes

Heather Hoch
It's what's inside that counts for this crepe, though the egg on top doesn't hurt either.
Last year we marked the hundred day countdown to Best of Phoenix by sharing some of our favorite food folks' "Personal Best" lists. This year we're bringing back our list of 100 Favorite Dishes. Have a suggestion for a dish you'd like us to try? Leave it in the comments section or email

41. No. 2 Crepe from Jobot Coffee

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Bink's Midtown to Host All-You-Can-Eat Pig's Head Party

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Courtesy of David Zickl
Chef Kevin Binkley at the Bink's Midtown bar.
You've had plenty of opportunity to pig out on the Bink's Midtown patio. For more than a year now, the central Phoenix restaurant courtesy of James Beard Award-nominated chef Kevin Binkley has been hosting weekly whole pig roasts with themes that change from week to week.

Earlier this year we even took you behind-the-scenes to show you how the restaurant preps and roasts a whole pig.

But this upcoming party will be different. Instead of offering diners meat from the whole animal, chef Binkley will be showcasing meat strictly from the animal's head. That means everything from cheeks to snout -- and yes, even eyeballs.

It may sound like an unappealing meal to some, but Binkley's not the only chef in town who's out to open our eyes to the delicious potential a pig's head can hold.

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Galileo Bread & Coffee vs. Flavors of Louisiana: Battle of the Muffaletta

Renée Guillory
Galileo Bread & Coffee serves a muffaletta that's an elegant treat.

The Valley of the Sun is 1,500 miles from New Orleans' Little Palermo neighborhood, a district seated next to the French Quarter that happens to be where the muffaletta was born. And since this deli marvel is a multicultural invention, if you're Créole, it's pronounced muff-uh-LOT-ah; if you're Italian, it's MOOF-uh-LET-ah.

It's not known exactly when NOLA's iconic, working-class sandwich made its way west, but we can tell you that the muffaletta is a must-try. The hearty, salty, cheesy sandwich that defies spell-check programs in every language is on more than a few menus around town (not including those delis that offer the muffaletta only as a special), so we decided it was time to find a champion.

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Cocktail Summer Camp at The Gladly: 200 Years of Whiskey Cocktails Passed in a Flash

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Evie Carpenter
Summer Cocktail Camp at The Gladly is an educational experience -- with a whole lot of booze.
Are you good at retaining information while consuming a formidable amount of alcohol? If so, then chances are you'd get a lot out of The Gladly's Summer Cocktail Camp, a series of bi-monthly cocktail classes featuring some of the Valley's top mixologists this summer.

Each booze-soaked camp features a different theme and at last Sunday's event, Chow Bella was invited to explore the history of whiskey cocktails with Travis Nass of Last Drop Bar at the Hermosa Inn. The class included demonstrations and recipes for four whiskey-based cocktails dating back as far as the late 1700s.

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The Hunt for Good Escargot in Metro Phoenix

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Jackie Mercandetti
Escargot with bone marrow from Peite Maison in Scottsdale.
You think of them, perhaps, as garden pests. For me, they are a favorite meal. I eat snails. With a glass of good rosé and the proper amount of French bread, escargot are on my comestibles short list.

I've eaten them in sauces and in phyllo purses, wrapped in sourdough and cooked into stews, and once, very memorably, in a mediocre cassoulet at a place called Patin Couffin in Fayence, a small Provençal village. I remember more about Virginie, the transsexual septuagenarian who ran the place, than I do the cassoulet, in part because her English was so good and because she noticed that my hair was in dishabille and, licking the palm of her hand, patted it back into place. (Also, she sat down at our table, advised us against the fish course, and never stopped talking. Also, there was the part about how she used to be a man and now she was an old woman in a halter top.)

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