New Food Truck Event Features Booze-Infused Eats and Cocktail Competition

Street Tacos from Luncha Libre
Fans of mobile eats backed with a bit of booze may want to clear their calendars for what might be the first alcohol-centric food truck event in the Valley.

From 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, August 17, Food Truck Caravan, the ongoing Saturday night meet-up of food trucks at Fifth Avenue and Goldwater Boulevard in Scottsdale, will convene for its first-ever Caravan Cocktail Challenge.

Got a taste for beer-battered fish and a killer cocktail recipe that could win a spot on a Scottsdale restaurant's menu? You'll want to ready them both.

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New Phoenix Food Truck Features Grilled Cheese, Loaded Spuds, Two Fat Guys

2 Fat Guys Grilled Cheese
When business partners and friends Rick Mikulic and Marshall Roossin came up 2 Fat Guys Grilled Cheese as the name for their new food truck, subtlety wasn't part of the equation.

"Everybody likes grilled cheese," Mikulic says, "and it's a broad enough category to do a lot of different things with. And, well, I'm one of the fat guys."

Mikulic, originally from Kansas City, and Roossin, from Long Island, came up with the idea last year as a way to supplement their jewelry businesses. Liking the cost-effectiveness of a food truck and encouraged by the success of The Grilled Cheese Truck, the popular, L.A.-based mobile kitchen franchise that made its Phoenix debut in January of this year (Mikulic and Roossin have yet to visit due to the long lines), 2 Fat Guys, armed with cheesy sandwiches and loaded spuds, will be hitting the streets soon.

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Chandler's Hungry Monk Goes Mobile With Traveling Monk Food Truck

While Valley food trucks like Short Leash Hot Dogs, Mamma Toledo's, and Jamburritos are preparing to add four walls to their four wheels, a popular Chandler restaurant is putting things in reverse.

The Hungry Monk, the three-year-old neighborhood bar and eatery from ex-Buffalo Wings & Rings franchisee Jim Lolli, now has its own food truck: The Traveling Monk.

And for those wondering where The Hungry Monk's celebrated beer offerings will be when The Traveling Monk hits the road here's a hint: You'll be eating them.

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New Food Truck Alert: The Great Pho King Food Truck, Serving French-Vietnamese Fusion

Lauren Saria
Crispy crepes (banh xeo)
Though it's not exactly prime food truck season, the city's mobile eateries are fearlessly charging ahead. Case in point: the opening of a new Scottsdale food truck court and a fresh face entering the street-eats scene.

We're referring to The Great Pho King Food Truck, which has been open for about six weeks now, already having made appearances at Astor House, Four Peaks Brewery and last week at the Phoenix Public Market.

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Not a Single Phoenix Food Truck Made the Cut for the Daily Meal's List of Best Food Trucks in America . . . Again. What Gives?

New Times archives
Not even Short Leash Hot Dogs made the list
The first time the Daily Meal came out with its list of 101 Best Food Trucks in America we were neither offended nor surprised no food trucks in metro Phoenix, the sixth-largest city in the United States, made the cut. We often get overlooked when it comes to culinary awards. And as usual, the majority of the recognition went to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

But this time around, we're pretty annoyed.

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Food Truck Caravan Rolls Into Downtown Scottsdale Starting This Saturday Night

Satay Hut
When it comes to the food truck revolution, the city of Scottsdale has been slow to come to the cabal.

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But no longer. From 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. starting this Saturday, May 18, and every Saturday night following, a caravan of food trucks will roll into downtown Scottsdale at 5th Avenue and Goldwater Boulevard.

Here's what food truck fans can expect.

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Hey Joe! Filipino Food Truck on Cooking Channel's New Street Food Show, Eat Street

Thumbnail image for HeyJoeBestList5.jpg
Laura Hahnefeld
Brian and Margita Webb have been espousing the virtues of Filipino street food via their food truck Hey Joe! since it hit the streets in 2011. Now it's time for their close-up.

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The Webbs' Hey Joe! will be one of four food trucks featured on Eat Street, the new show about street food on the Cooking Channel hosted by comedian James Cunningham.

Here's what Hey Joe! (and street food) fans can expect -- and when they should tune in.

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Local Food Trucks (and Lots of Alt Rock) at That Damn Show 2013 in Mesa on April 20

buzznebeez truck.jpg
Chow Bella

The season for food trucks is going to come to an end pretty soon here. Sad, but true. So before the sun drives us all inside for several months, why not indulge not only in some great outdoor dining from street-food vendors, but also in a day-long celebration of music. Loud rock music, for that matter.

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- New Times and KUKQ Present: That Damn Show 2013, with Bad Religion, Awolnation, The Faint, and More

On Saturday, April 20 KUKQ and New Times will sponsor That Damn Show 2013. In addition to bringing Bad Religion and The Faint to the Valley, the festival also will include a big lineup of food trucks.

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Short Leash Hot Dogs to Open Permanent Location in Downtown Phoenix

Short Leash Hot Dogs, the venerated food truck featuring gourmet hot dogs wrapped in a warm naan "bun," soon will have a permanent dog house -- so to speak.

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"We've been mulling it over for quite a while," owner Brad Moore, who operates Short Leash with his wife Kat, tells me. "At first, we weren't sure where we were going to take it, but as we've grown, it seemed to make sense."

Planned to open in mid-June, the new home of Short Leash Hot Dogs will be located at 110 East Roosevelt Street, in the former home of Tediberto's, the short-lived vegan Mexican restaurant that was shut down by its landlord last December.

Here's what fans can expect.

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Psst, Wanna Buy an (Epic) Food Truck?

Super-low 57,000 miles!
On November 29, 2012, Epic Hot Dogs, a food truck serving weenies from all over the world (sorry), sputtered out after just over a year of being in the mobile-kitchen business.

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But that doesn't mean the torch of exhaust flames can't be passed to another who dreams of taking their foodstuffs to the streets. And Epic owner Paul Cionczyk has been hoping to do that since late last year, when he put his food truck (and, if you want, the concept) up for sale. And then again in late January, when he put his food truck (and, if you want, the concept) up for sale on eBay.

"The season for food trucks is now," the eBay description reads. "Make the most of it."

Well, what are you waiting for, next great food-truck-concept person? All you need is (YOUR GUESS HERE) dollars.

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