Pastry Guru Nick Malgieri Stops in Phoenix with His New Book Pastry

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Romulo Yanes
Nick Malgieri explores pastry in a new light.
Nick Malgieri has been at the pastry game for decades. He's been teaching classes on the topic in Phoenix for nearly 20 years at Les Gourmettes. From baking at home and watching Julia Child as a kid, he's come a long way and is now releasing a new cookbook simply titled Pastry. He spoke about his new recipes and some of the common misconceptions people have with baking.

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7 Food and Drink Books For Your Summer Reading List

Anne Adrian/Flickr
Your summer reading list is delicious.
Whether you're looking for a food-filled work of fiction or a more studious poolside read, there's something for everyone on Chow Bella's summer reading list. We've included several new and upcoming releases, as well as a few award-winning picks that came out late last year.

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Beth "Ms. American Pie" Howard to Visit Changing Hands on April 16 (Yes, There Will Be Pie)

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Kathryn Gamble
Think you can't make meringue like this? Beth Howard thinks you can, and she'll show you.
It's no secret: Here at Chow Bella, we're all about pie. We're already eager for Pie Social 2014, so you can keep your cute little cupcakes as long as we can have some flaky, buttery crust packed with sweet and savory fillings.

But pie can be a harsh mistress for new bakers. That's why we're thrilled that Beth Howard is coming to town to teach the gospel of pie with her new cookbook and baking philosophy manual Ms. American Pie. From shoo-fly to strawberry rhubarb and even pulled pork, Howard breaks pie baking down to basics from her home in rural Iowa.

We're so excited, Chow Bella's co-sponsoring Howard's local book event.

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Phoenix-Based Author Joe Dobrow Talks Whole Foods Versus Sprouts

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Courtesy of Joe Dobrow
The Phoenix-based author's book Natural Prophets hits shelves on Tuesday, Feb. 18.
Take one step inside the newly built Whole Foods Market near the intersection of Camelback and 20th Street and it's easy to see that the natural foods industry has come a long way in the past two decades. The store is a gleaming beacon for healthful eaters and lovers of artisan food and a far cry from the tiny natural foods sections of grocery stores of the past. Few people appreciate the monumental progress the industry has made better than Phoenix-based author Joe Dobrow, who's been eating all natural food since the mid-'80s.

The former marketing executive also has worked for many of the biggest names in the natural foods industry, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Fresh Fields. And in his upcoming book, Natural Prophets, he gives an insider's look at how these brands and others have changed the American plate forever.

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5 Must-Read Food Books for Summer

With food on the brain and recipe books falling short of a good beach read, Chow Bella has put together a list of our top 5 picks for summer food reading. 

Savor them in small bites or gorge yourself on all five because these summer reads are guilt-free foodie non-fiction.

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Will Someone Please Tell Jessica Porter What a MILF Is?

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If there were a single reason the world should have ended when the ancient Mayans said it would, it might have been The MILF Diet.

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But the world didn't end. And now, as of January 1, The MILF Diet, by Jessica Porter, who also wrote The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics, has been released so that its title can forever sear itself into our collective consciousness and cause women everywhere to slap their foreheads and exclaim, "What the f---, Jessica?"

Supposedly, The MILF Diet: Let the Power of Whole Foods Transform Your Body, Mind and Spirit Deliciously!, is Porter's answer to unleashing "your inner MILF" by eating whole, plant-based foods.

Think it can't get much creepier than the title? Oh, but it can.

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Chef Beau MacMillan Teams Up With Top Alzheimer's Disease Researcher for New, Brain-Healthy Cookbook

As diseases go, Alzheimer's is a real asshole.

Over several years, it can rob you of your memory, change your personality, and eventually lead to death. There's no cure. And in America, over 5 million people have it.

But there is hope. Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, a leading Alzheimer's Disease researcher, says there's evidence that changes to one's diet can reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and memory loss.

And modifying what we eat is easier when the food tastes good. That's why Dr. Sabbagh teamed up with celebu-chef Beau MacMillan, (Elements at Sanctuary) for The Alzheimer's Prevention Cookbook, released earlier this month.

Bowlful of Brain-Boosting Broth anyone?

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Aaron May Dishes On Being a Chef, a Restaurateur and a Party Boy

Aaron -behind bar cropped.jpg
Aaron May behind the bar at Praying Monk

Aaron May
Praying Monk
7217 E. 1st Street, Scottsdale

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-- Celeb Chefs Matt Carter, Beau MacMillan and Aaron May Cooking Up Four-Course Brunch at Superstition Farm
-- Aaron May Heads Kitchen at Former Renegade Canteen, Now Called Renegade Tap + Kitchen
-- Tastemaker #76: Anthony Patafio

This is part one of my interview with Aaron May, chef-partner of Praying Monk, Over Easy, The Lodge, Mabel's on Main, Renegade Tap + Kitchen and May's Counter in Tucson. Come back Tuesday when May explains why he admires Wolfgang Puck and what he would (or wouldn't) say to his detractors.

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Not San Diego Again: The New Guidebook for Your Next Ranch Experience or Farm Stay in Southern Arizona

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At some point during your 85th trip to San Diego, while speeding down the highway in a car that reeks of Doritos and Red Vines and listening to your friend's favorite crap-ass local band on the CD player because she's doing the "hot" guitar player, maybe you've thought, "I'd rather be roping and herding cattle, trail riding through the wilderness, and making prickly pear syrup."

This just-released book is for you.

By local author and travel writer, Lili DeBarbieri, A Guide to Southern Arizona's Historic Farms & Ranches: Rustic Southwest Retreats, aims to help adventurous types find the perfect spots to experience southwestern heritage culture, and cuisine.

And if Spain's first mission in the continental United States, a heritage seed farm, the place to see a sandhill crane migration, and a Butterfield Stagecoach stop don't light your suitcase on fire just yet, there's also a chapter on Carol Steele's (hurry-and-go-'cause-it's-for-sale) Aravaipa Farms.

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The PDT Cocktail Book: Does It Belong on Your Shelf?

Generally, cocktail books are easy. Slap a few recipes together, pair each one with a drool-inducing photo, put out a few thousand paperback copies, and you're bound to make some cash. Providing value -- and doing it stylishly -- is another task entirely.

The PDT Cocktail Book was released in late 2011 to much acclaim -- it was called "the book of the decade if not more" by mixologist Dale DeGroff. After sitting down for a chat with its author, Jim Meehan -- who, as the behind-the-bar owner of New York speakeasy PDT (short for Please Don't Tell), has been responsible for many of the trends that influence cocktail culture in the Big Apple and, as a result, the rest of the country -- we picked up a copy.

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