Waffle Love AZ vs. Waffle Crush: Waffle Truck Take Down

Chloe Nordquist
The "Nutella Love" from Waffle Love AZ
These aren't your average waffles. No, these are mobile and more -- gourmet food truck liege waffles with delicious toppings and homemade creams. We put two Valley waffle food trucks up against each other to answer the question, who has the better sweet treat?

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Jerk Hut Jamaican Grille vs. Hot Pot Caribbean Cuisine: Jamaican Jerk Battle

Kristy Westgard
Jerk Hut's jerk chicken.
Jamaican food is hard to come by in the Valley, and whipping up an authentic Jerk Chicken dish at home can be darn near impossible. In any case, you do not "whip up" a dish that is known for having a laundry list of ingredients and should ideally be marinated days in advance.

When the craving hit for a comforting plate of Caribbean fare, we decided to check out these two spots to see who takes the prize for jerk chicken with all the fixins'.

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JT's vs. Long Wong's: Hot Wing Showdown

Chloe Nordquist
JT's hot hot wings.
Got a post-season hankering for hot wings? We've got you covered. Today we're hosting a cock fight, putting JT's in Arcadia up against Long Wong's on West Indian School to see which lights our fire.

In this corner: JT's Bar & Grill

The setting: JT's is the quintessential small bar setting, with a row of seats at the bar and a couple tables along the opposite wall. The walls are covered with photos, articles, and sports and alcohol paraphernalia. And there are plenty of televisions -- all tuned to sports.

The good: We ordered the wings with the hot hot sauce. The chicken was cooked to perfection and there was not a lot of fat. The wings were crispy on the outside and had an overall great taste and dynamic flavor. They were spicy, but not so much that your tongue was completely on fire.

The bad: Looks were deceiving. The wings looked dry and were lacking sauce, which made them seem unappealing at first. They weren't as spicy as we wanted HOT hot wings to be -- we got a couple sniffles but if you're looking for a light-my-mouth-on-fire taste, try the next level up (suicide hot sauce).

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Chelsea's Kitchen v. Hopdoddy Burger Bar: Ahi Tuna Burger Take Down

Kristy Westgard
Ahi burger at Hopdoddy's.
With its delicate flavor, yet meaty texture, ahi tuna is a contradiction. Though this ingredient is a restaurant staple, it is at its absolute best when left barely touched by its preparer. The introduction of bolder ingredients to the modest fish can overwhelm it. Instead, ahi tuna effortlessly holds its own.

The virtues of ahi tuna have been celebrated; the only thing left to debate is which of two Valley joints makes the most ah-inducing ahi tuna burger.

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Timo Wine Bar vs. Humble Pie: Butternut Squash Soup Square Off

Chloe Nordquist
Humble Pie's butternut squash soup.
We aren't quite done with winter eats yet, and butternut squash is a classic ingredient for some popular seasonal dishes -- including butternut squash soup. While soup season is still in full swing, we decided to try out two local butternut squash options and see which one wins our battle.

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Deer Garden Signature vs. Slanted Rice: Clay Pot Clash

Kristy Westgard
Crispy rice at Deer Garden.
There are two kinds of people in this world -- those who eat the crust, and those who don't. We're not just talking about sandwich and pizza crust. In this case the crust in question is that of the traditional Chinese clay pot rice dish.

In a cuisine full of quick-to-prepare (and even quicker to consume) dishes, crispy clay pot rice requires a bit more labor. Rice is typically soaked in water for an hour before it's put in a clay pot alongside some form of fat, soy sauce, and a touch of oil. After 10 minutes of low heat, and 5 minutes of high heat cooking, the rice forms a crunchy, slightly burnt crust all around the bottom of the pot.

Here at Chow Bella, more often than not, crust is a must. So, with spoon in hand, we set off to try two local restaurants to get to the bottom of the clay pot -- and then proceed to scrape it off.

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The Gladly v. The Mission: Bread Pudding Blow Out

Natalie Miranda
We can't get over that marshmallow sliding down the side of the s'mores bread pudding.

They say the proof is in the pudding -- and here at Chow Bella we say it's in the bread pudding, a dessert that's hard to pull off. We hit up two favorites, The Gladly in Phoenix and The Mission in Scottsdale, to see which local restaurant does it best.

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Phoenix Public Market Cafe v. Ollie Vaughn's: Breakfast Sandwich Battle

Natalie Miranda
Wake up and eat your heart out.

If your idea of the perfect breakfast sandwich is a Sausage McMuffin from McDonald's, we're here to tell you to rethink your choices. Whether you prefer yours on a croissant or biscuit, there are options out there for you. We put Phoenix Public Market Cafe and Ollie Vaughn's sandwiches agains one another to see which one is the better breakfast choice in Phoenix.

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Cibo vs. Marina's Cafe at The Village Coffee Shop: Crepe Clash

Hayden Harrison
Crepe at Cibo

In the highly quotable 2006 film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Rick Bobby, French Formula One driver Jean Girard tries to force Ricky Bobby into saying that he loves crepes or else he'll break his arm.

His response: "Wait, are those the really thin pancakes? Oh my God, I love them." Of course, he ends up refusing to say it and gets his arm broken.

We love crepes. There, we said it -- especially the sweet dessert kind. Since we are dreaming of grabbing a warm one in France, we decided to pay a visit to Cibo Urban Wine Bar & Pizzeria and Marina's Cafe at The Village Coffee Shop to find a spot for the best strawberry crepe.

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Over Easy vs. Texaz Grill: Chicken Fried Steak Showdown

Josh Chesler
Over Easy's chicken fried steak means serious business. Somehow, the breading stays perfectly crunchy.

Is it a breakfast food or a dinner entree? Some questions about chicken fried steak will really never be answered, but there's one thing a lot of people agree on: It's delicious. From the texture of the creamy gravy hitting the crunchy breading to the blend of spices that hit your tongue on each bite, a well-done chicken fried steak can be a thing of beauty.

With several Valley spots offering the dish, we selected two of our favorites to duke it out for deep-fried beef supremacy. One spot is known for its chicken fried steak while the other serves a wide variety of delicious meals. One location only serves breakfast, the other doesn't even open until lunch. Which does it better? Find out below.

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