The Pride of Guadalupe: San Diego Bay Restaurant Offers High Quality Food at Low Cost

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Jackie Mercandetti
Shrimp cocktail and marlin tacos
Despite aspirations to the contrary, the Phoenix metropolitan area is largely a provincial town. Especially when it comes to food, we rarely leave our comfort zone. In a literal sense, we stay put. Restaurants in the west Valley rarely draw customers from Gilbert, and residents of Scottsdale often can't even tell you how to get to Chandler. By and large, we eat where we sleep, forgetting that better - or more interesting - food is more than a few miles away.

And no place in the Valley is more forgotten than the town of Guadalupe. Drive south on Priest and you'll know you've hit Guadalupe when the landscape suddenly changes as you cross Baseline. Despite sitting in the shadows of the fabricated civilization of Arizona Mills and Ikea, Guadalupe - with roughly 5,000 residents - is the town that time forgot. Largely Hispanic and economically depressed, some of the nicest structures in town are the brightly painted bus shelters. It is not a picture of prosperity.

But nestled in a sleepy corner of a desolate outdoor square is San Diego Bay Restaurant, and it's reason enough to get outside your comfort zone and visit Guadalupe no matter how far the drive. It's a cheery and spotless space, with brightly painted blue walls, mismatched banquettes, bright lights and the chatter of a wall mounted television which alternates between Univision and the Cartoon Network. Whatever it lacks in warmth is made up for by friendly, proud and welcoming staff and some of the best Mexican style seafood outside of Rocky Point.

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Jackie Mercandetti
Molcajete de camarones
Without question, the Molcajete de Camaron is the star of the show and when this bubbling stone caldron arrives at your table you'll quickly understand why. Radiating heat and filled with fresh shrimp, gooey cheese, and subtle tomato-based broth, it is both comforting and nuanced with a surprising depth of flavor. It's also something of a mystery, as I found it hard to understand how a vessel of this size could yield an almost endless supply of plump shrimp. Each time I put my spoon in, it came out full. At only $18 the molcajete is a veritable bargain. Any restaurant outside of Guadalupe would charge at least 50% more. It is also available as a Molcajete de Mariscos, with shrimp, octopus, snails and calamari. Thirty mintues after being served, it was still too hot to touch and we never did manage to finish it.

Green Shrimp yields a similar comfort food vibe. About ten shrimp are baked with three different kinds of chiles, cream and topped with melted cheese. It has a pronounced spicy kick to it and a rich chili flavor which complements the shrimp instead of overpowering them. For a dish with only a handful of ingredients, it is dizzyingly complex.

Camarones Al Mojo de Ajo is a mariscos staple and it's nothing more than shrimp sautéed with garlic - a lot of it - and olive oil. But at San Diego Bay, it takes on a rich, nutty flavor that's best sopped-up with the doughy house-made flour tortillas, served blistered and scalding hot.

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San Diego Bay Restaurant

9201 S. Avenida del Yaqui, Tempe, AZ

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I'm new to the phoenix area. does anybody know if there's a lot of illegal aliens in guadalupe? I think I read somewhere that the sheriff conducted his operations there at some point in the past, presumably because he believed there were a lot of illegal aliens there. thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.


@idontlikeseafood Most of the residents of Guad have been rooted there for generations. About half of the town is Yaqui Indian, not Mexican. The other ~half of the population is Mexican. There is a increasing part of the population that is a mix between the two as well. 


@idontlikeseafood We can tell you're new......but to answer your question, how would anybody know that? do you go around asking people for their documents? or you "Back Home Mideast" scumbags assume every single hispanic is illegal? 


Great point about the tremendous Yaqui Indian presence which, as the author, I neglected to mention. Thanks for the comment and clarification.



Hi!  I went to San Diego Bay today because of your article, and neither disappointed! Such fresh food and such big portions. My only mistake was going before a movie and wanting to lie down in the theater as a result of my gluttony.  ;-)  I appreciate the review...thanks.

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