Pizza a Metro in Phoenix Opens Second Location in Gilbert

Nikki Buchanan
A Pizza a Metro pie with fennel sausage, broccoli, and mozzarella.
For years Pizza a Metro on the city's west side has been an out of the way but favorite spot for wood-fired pizzas and scratch-made Italian specialties. The restaurant, formerly owned by Maurizio Benforte, is known for its meter-long pizzas -- in fact, that's where the restaurant gets its name, which translates to "pizza by the meter."

Well, there's good news for East Valley-ites who want to get in on this Italian cuisine action. Pizza a Metro has opened a second location of the popular pizzeria in Gilbert. The new Pizza a Metro is located at 832 S. Greenfield Road, on the southwest corner of Greenfield and Warner.

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The Gilbert location of Pizza a Metro takes over the space formerly occupied by Via, a short-lived restaurant that served wood-fired pizzas, pasta, and paninis. Prior to that the space was home to Tutti Santi, which still has three other locations around the Valley.

Pizza a Metro opened in a west Phoenix strip mall in 2007. The 20-seat restaurant serves pizzas, pastas, and other Italian favorites such as wood-fired calamari and tiramisu. Its popularity stems in part from the reasonably-priced fare and cozy atmosphere.

The Gilbert restaurant will serve a similar menu to that of the original restaurant.

Editor's Note: This post has been edited to reflect the fact that Maurizio Benforte is apparently no longer an owner of Pizza a Metro.

Pizza a Metro
832 S. Greenfield Road, Gilbert

Mon - Sun: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Pizza a Metro

832 S. Greenfield Road, Gilbert, AZ

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this article is wrong. its not Maurizio, Maurizio is gone for many years. you need to go back and find the real owners are, its the same owners as the other restaurants and is not Italian at all! before it was real Italian and now is all Mexicans pretending to be Italian. Ms. Lauren go check the facts then write about who real owners are. it is not fair to trick people and say it is Italian when it is not. 

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