Phoenix Public Market Cafe in Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

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The tostadas are a winner.

The Spot: Phoenix Public Market Cafe
14 E Pierce St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

The Hours: Happy hour is available everyday from 3 p.m. to close.

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Kate Crowley
Pickled fresnos inside this quesadilla are the best part of the dish.
The interior: If you've ever been to the Market Cafe you know the space is chic and historic complete with exposed beams, brick walls and community seating on furniture that puts Restoration Hardware to shame. It's a meeting place of sorts for working folks lunching downtown to students with lap tops and hipsters sipping coffee or beer. With lots of windows to let light and the sights in along with a charming patio-- this spot has us won over on looks from the get go.
The Food: The happy hour menu has changed since Chow Bella Happy Hour Report Card last visited. The options are currently more comparable to other local bar food, including house pretzels with cheddar sauce, a BBQ sandwich, and downtown devil fries. A far cry from the winter soups and roasted vegetable previously offered. We tried to keep it balanced and ordered the chicken quesadilla ($5) and the ceviche tostadas ($5).

The tostadas came three to a plate and they didn't disappoint, but they were a bit messy and we needed to ask for some plates so we didn't make a mess on the table. The jicima added a great crunch and the Cholua creme sauce was wonderful. It's the perfect dish to share or order alone this summer. The quesadilla dish was substantial but with the exception of some wonderful pickled fresno, it lacked any of Aaron Chamberlin's signature gusto. We left feeling like we should have ordered the pretzels after all.

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Phoenix Public Market Cafe

14 E. Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Meredith Ur
Meredith Ur

Breakfast more than a few times has been great! Even with multiple size groups, the service and food have been consistently good.


Agree the folks are friendly and the food is good, but was in there with a friend for a business breakfast this week. The place was nearly empty and it took 20 minutes to get a latte. The poor barista was tied with up with some kind of side work during the peak period of time for coffee System needs refining.

B.t. Franklin
B.t. Franklin

I've had lunch there with a friend and few times, and the service was always super zippy, even when the place was packed. Plus the meals are really delicious!

Cristopher Michael
Cristopher Michael

I've always had a great experience there. $5 pitchers and bites. Quick, friendly service. I live in Arcadia and have biked there multiple times as well as go when I'm downtown. It's really hard to be critical of $5 hh from 3-10pm daily. Sometimes your reviews are a little Yelpy. And really, no one likes Yelpers.


I don't know about Happy Hour but I consider this place to be one of the best restaurants in the valley. The food never disappoints. Yes, service is slow. Sometimes I have to just get up and tap the server on the shoulder. But the servers are so pleasant that I forgive them. Best fries in town. Great fried chicken. Really great fried chicken. The salmon is always perfect. I love eating there.

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