Oven+Vine Brings Housemade Bread and Oven-Baked Pasta to Midtown Phoenix

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Lauren Saria
Ashland Salad
To cut the carbs, we also went for a bowl of greens. The Ashland Salad ($6) makes a nice side or starter and comes with a couple more slices of bread (yay!). The bowl of tender baby spinach comes covered in roasted onions and smoked bacon both of which were a nice contrast to the surprisingly sweet Parmesan peppercorn dressing. We would have preferred something with a little more of a peppery kick but either way the value felt right for the quality of ingredients.

Both the flatbreads and the pastas at Oven+Vine are baked and though we don't know who Scotty is we did enjoy his namesake Scotty's Sausage & Mushroom flatbread ($10.50).

Lauren Saria
Baked Vegetable Pasta
The rectangular pizza features thick slices of Schreiner's sausages and mushrooms as well as a thin layer of melted mozzarella cheese. The housemade tomato sauce is a highlight, with nice, bright balance between sweetness and acidity. The crust is perfectly acceptable, but we left ours in favor of eating yet another slice of bread.

On paper the Baked Vegetable Pesto ($9) sounds pretty flat -- which is a shame because it was our favorite part of the meal. The bowl of rigatoni arrives piping hot and covered in a layer of melted cheese. Break into it and you'll find perfectly al dente pasta mixed with a medley of roasted vegetables. We loved the variety of veggies -- our bowl offered broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, and more -- and the subtle but fresh basil pesto.

For the surrounding neighborhood, Oven+Vine make a comfortable and affordable place for lunch, dinner, and drinks. The price point lends itself to becoming regular haunt for locals and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m during the week the restaurant also offers happy hour deals including $2 off glasses of wine and $1 off appetizers and draft beer.

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14 West Vernon Ave, Phoenix, AZ

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Ariel Motz
Ariel Motz

I love this place. Great atmosphere, delicious pizza and bread.

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