Ollie Vaughn's vs. Blue Hound Kitchen: Lemon Ricotta Pancake Battle

Natalie Miranda
Lemon ricotta pancakes with poppy seeds from Ollie Vaughn's.

Soft, thick pancakes flavored with lemon ricotta: It's a rarity, but a couple of Phoenix favorites deliver the goods for breakfast. Ollie Vaughn's and Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails each serve a rendition of the sweet and sour take on the American breakfast favorite.

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In This Corner: Ollie Vaughn's

Natalie Miranda
Inside Ollie Vaughn's

The Setting: Stepping into Ollie Vaughn's is euphoric. The quaint bakery and cafe is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and its sandwich menu gives some of our favorites a little extra TLC, like the tuna sandwich with tuna salad, carrots, green chiles, cilantro, jalapeño marmalade, and manchego. Don't forget the bakery case, which catches your eye upon entering the cafe. Muffins, lemon bars, quiche, pies, and granola are enticing.

The Good: Three medium pancakes come on a plate with a side of fresh fruit and syrup. Look closely and you'll find poppy seeds sprinkled throughout the pancakes. The interior is soft and almost creamy, thanks to the ricotta. Ollie Vaughn's has delicious lemon bars, which met our expectation for a bold lemon flavor -- the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

The Bad: We slathered on syrup but quickly regretted the decision because the pancakes already had a mushy texture, and the syrup seemed to drown them. We would have liked more poppy seeds, which could've given the cakes a well-rounded texture.

Location Info

Ollie Vaughn's

1526 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

2 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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