After Less Than Six Months, Fusion Burritos in Gilbert Has Closed

Lauren Saria
The Seoul burrito.
It seems the Valley just isn't ready for internationally inspired burritos via a drive-thru because after less than six months Fusion Burrito in Gilbert has closed its doors for good.

The restaurant served a menu of burritos stuffed with off-the-wall toppings including meatballs, mashed potatoes, and chicken salad. As an example, consider The Seoul burrito, which was packed with roasted pork, steamed rice, shredded cabbage, carrot, radish, cilantro, and mint.

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It was a rough few months for the young restaurant, which had to close for a day in early June due to "plumbing issues caused by construction," according to an announcement on the restaurant's Facebook. The restaurant closed again about a week later due to more construction issues.

Then last week, the restaurant announced on Facebook it would be closing permanently.

Fusion Burrito opened earlier this summer at 546 North Gilbert Road and came courtesy of Johnston and Wale graduate Chip Rooney. In addition to fusion burritos and quesadillas, the restaurant's eclectic menu featured New Orleans-style beignets, salads, and a selection of tater tots.

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Location Info

Fusion Burritos - CLOSED

546 N. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ

Category: Restaurant


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Brett Roberts
Brett Roberts

maybe if our local weekly spent more time cheerleading local business and less time writing awful "top 5" click bait articles...

Nick Menninger
Nick Menninger

Shyte location. Roadway was always under construction. Not sure they got a fair chance. Food truck maybe would have been a better beginning.

Tabatha Churchman
Tabatha Churchman

The unfortunate thing is that all the ingredients were fresh and right out of our Gilbert farms. Everything was made from scratch. The tortillas and all of the fillings. There was no processed food there. So no GMO's. It's really sad no one gave it a real chance.

Becky Wheeler-Wyatt
Becky Wheeler-Wyatt

There was just so many things wrong with this place. fusion = weird in this case. And, it wasn't kid friendly (the space and the menu).

Pete Koblinski
Pete Koblinski

It's pretty sad, but yeah I never saw a car in the parking lot. The construction certainly didn't help, but it never looked open.

Barbara Griffin Hickey
Barbara Griffin Hickey

I drive by there all the time and was curious after seeing an online review, but it never looked like it was open.

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