New Alarm Clock Doubles as a Barista

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Josh Renouf Design
Suddenly waking up doesn't seem so irksome.
On average we'd say we probably hit the snooze about 50 times before actually getting up. But what if when we begrudgingly reach for the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep we're met with a hot cup of freshly brewed pour over coffee instead? Well, designer Josh Renouf aims to make that dream a reality with his Bariseur alarm clock and coffee maker.

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Although Renouf's Bariseur has yet to be released, it's already creating quite a buzz. According to the British designer's website, they are in the process of developing the coffee lover's alarm clock, but estimate that it will retail between $250 and $425-- a small price to pay for coffee in bed.

Anyways, here's how it works:

Josh Renouf Design
A diagram of how the Bariseur works.

Josh Renouf Design
The ball bearings help to heat up the water through induction heating.

Josh Renouf Design
Just like the pour over at your favorite coffee house.

Josh Renouf Design
And coffee is waiting for you to wake up, rather than you having to wait for coffee after waking up.

Josh Renouf Design
You don't even have to leave bed to get cream...

Josh Renouf Design
...or sugar.

Josh Renouf Design
(Attractive dude drinking coffee in bed with you not included.)

For more information on the Bariseur, you can visit the Josh Renouf Design website.

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