Salty Señorita v. Loco Patron: Scottsdale's Chicken Nachos Showdown

Courtesy of Craig Cummins
Salty Señorita's tremendous plate is a new spin on nachos.

With all of the Mexican restaurants in the Valley, coming up with an order of winning chicken nachos in all of metro Phoenix would be like picking the best ice cream flavor -- everyone would have a different favorite. The basic combination of chips, cheese and chicken is often complemented by beans, chili, pico de gallo and a bevy of other Hispanic accoutrements, and can be found at nearly any Mexican establishment.

So we narrowed this battle to Old Town Scottsdale.

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In This Corner: Salty Señorita

The Setting: The recent reinvention of this Scottsdale staple initially caused a bit of a stir among its old clientele, some of whom missed the super casual low key vibe of the original restaurant. These days, those looking for a Mexican-themed dive bar go to Old Town Scottsdale's other option, Dos Gringos, and the rest enjoy the improved menu and comfort of the still-relaxed "new" restaurant. Salty Señorita's other location is in Peoria.

The Good: The Beach House Nachos are a slightly different take on the Mexican classic than would be expected, as a substantial layer of white cheese smothers the entire round dish, almost as if it were a Hispanic take on a deep dish pizza. Underneath the cheesy blanket rests a collection of crisp baked chips, calypso beans, pico de gallo and a creamy fundido sauce that ties the whole dish together.

The Bad: The nachos can be ordered with chorizo, carnitas, short rib, or tinga chicken, and at least in this experience, the chicken was a bit bland. The shredded chicken did a good job of picking up the flavors of the beans, pico and fundido, so it effectively added another level of texture to the dish without subtracting from the taste, but it would've been nice to have a stronger seasoning or flavor from the chicken.

Location Info

Loco Patron

4228 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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