Rollover Doughnuts: Short Leash to Open Doughnut Food Truck (And a Permanent Hot Dog Restaurant at Union)

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Lauren Saria
The Bear Doughnut
There's Short Leash Sit...Stay and now, Rollover. Or more specifically, Rollover Doughnuts.

That's right, Brad and Kat Moore and taking it back to the streets with a new food truck they expect to launch later this month. Rollover Doughnuts will serve a menu of brioche doughnuts and fritters in a variety of flavors that range from the expected (cinnamon sugar) to the hot dog-inspired The Bear Doughnut with smoked gouda, bacon, peanut butter-bbq glaze and Crackerjacks.

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Rollover Doughnuts
A mockup of the Rollover Doughnuts truck.
You can get the doughnuts right now at Short Leash Sit...Stay on Roosevelt Row. All the doughnuts, which cost $2.50 each, are made from brioche and hand-dipped in a variety of glazes.

You can also purchase a dozen doughnuts for $24.

We tried most of the new Rollover Doughnut creations including the Orange Glaze with Pistachios sprinkled on top and the simple Cinnamon Sugar. We expect the Maple Glazed with Bacon will be an obvious hit and The Bear will appeal to those with a more adventurous steak. The brioche doughnut is topped with a tangy-sweet peanut butter and bbq sauce glaze, as well as a handful of crunchy Crackerjacks.

Lauren Saria
Orange Glazed brioche doughnut with pistachios
The menu also includes a smaller selection of fritters. The Lemon Ricotta Fritter comes with your choice of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate glaze, while the Apple Fritter -- rolled in cinnamon and sugar -- comes with a caramel dipping sauce. Each fritter costs $1.50.

In other Short Leash news, the Moores have announced that they'll be opening a permanent Short Leash Hot Dogs location inside Union at the Biltmore Fashion Park. For the last few months they've been operating a pop-up restaurant dubbed Short Leash Short Lease in the space formerly occupied by the Queen Creek Olive Mill trattoria.

A new permanent tennant will be moving into that space, but the concept was so successful that the owners have decided to move Short Lease to a different Union space -- for good. After a short build out, Short Leash will reopen inside the space that was formerly the home of British Bicycle Company. The space is smaller than the one they'll be moving from so Brad and Kat say the new restaurant will be more of a takeout-style eatery. Diners will be able to eat at a handful of tables inside the space or on the patio at Union.

And one more thing to look out for, Short Leash delivery. The Moore's say they're planning on testing out offering delivery service within a short distance from Short Leash Sit...Stay. They're not sure when they'll begin testing the idea, but say they'll start with offering delivery within a mile radius from the restaurant.

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Lauren, is it okay if we wear a tank top to get a donut? I wouldn't want to upset your dining experience.


Hell yes! Biltmore shop was the best thing (they just need to serve the lady over there, what gives?!), and this doughnut thing sounds amazing.

Paula Smith
Paula Smith

Get! Out! My life is now complete!!!!

Robert Foreman
Robert Foreman

I'm a little concerned that they will "jump the shark" with this venture.

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