5 Places to Eat and Drink in Lisbon, Portugal

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Alexis Mouer
In Portugal, the codfish are served straight from the ocean.

This time of year, conversations at Chow Bella staff meetings tend to turn to who's eaten what and where. With the summer travel season in full swing, we bring you Food Tours, our writers' suggestions of what to eat and drink out of town.

Bronzed women, blackened fish, and golden sunsets are the shimmering beacons of your tropical escape to Lisbon, Portugal. We traveled all the way there to spark your interest and probably even your jealousy. Our bad.

Alexis Mouer
Make sure you wear your huge diamond cocktail ring. Nobody needs to know it's fake.

Pensao Amor
Rua do Alecrim, 19
Lisbon, Portugal

The exterior of this spectacular bar does not do justice to its velvet and Victorian style interior. The immaculate wall, curtains, and furniture are a bit overwhelming at first, but after one drink, or maybe five, you will feel right at home. The food is typical Portuguese food (bar style), but the drinks are extremely large and suffice for a meal, or hangover. This place is a must see, specifically for its beverages and incredible atmosphere. If you are also looking for a bit of nightlife, this spot turns itself into a bustling nightclub, come midnight. Warning: The Portuguese can party.

A Maritima de Xabregas

Rua da Manutencao, 40
Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is known for its incredible codfish. You can visit almost any tavern and order seafood fit for a king, but still at a low price. Typically blackened and served with liver spread (we promise this is not Fear Factor) Codfish was considered a delicacy at one time, and continues to be a local favorite for lunch and dinner. This restaurant is nothing fancy, but the seafood (codfish especially) will make you a regular.

Port Institute
45 Rua de Sao Pedro de Alcantra
Lisbon, Portugal

You must not leave Lisbon until you try the Port wine. We repeat, you must not abort until you've had some port. There are multiple wineries that allow for port wine tasting, but this one in particular has a friendly staff and allows you to taste the wines of your choice. Port wine is specific to Portugal and typically had as a red dessert wine, but pairs well with almost any meal.

Beira Gare
Rua 1 Dezembro, 5
Lisbon, Portugal

Pork sandwiches are a typical entrée of the Portuguese. Served with potatoes, chili sauce, and spicy mustard, even vegetarians will be questioning their choice. Most often these sandwiches are brought to work for lunch breaks, but if not, they are served in almost any café or restaurant. Consider this, the commonplace hamburger of the Portuguese. This place in particular had amazing sandwiches and French fries. The lunchtime deal was under five euros for a sandwich, fries, and wine.

Alexis Mouer
You are encouraged, but not limited to, third and fourth helpings.

Pasteis de Belem
84 Rua de Belem
Lisbon, Portugal

World famous for their pastries, this bakery beats the ordinary. For years, people have traveled far and wide to taste these cheesy tarts. Paired with brown sugar and espresso, we must admit these pastries will change your life. The bakery itself has over 100 tables to sit and dine at, or you are welcome to take your desserts to go (but not for long, because you will be back for more). The bakery is located right next to its very own train station, Belem, making it impossible to miss. If the line is discouraging, the smell will lure you in.

Alexis Mouer
Built on a series of hills, Lisbon relies heavily on its lift system for transportation.

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Cybil Azevedo
Cybil Azevedo

I haven't eaten in Lisbon much, because Nuno is from the north. However I can say without a doubt that Portugese food is fantastic!

Sarah J. Hough
Sarah J. Hough

Cybil and Nuno -- curious if you know these places or agree? :)

wherewasi topcommenter

I cannot eat anything that is staring at me!


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