Fuego Del Mar at the Camelback Esplanade Has Closed

Jackie Mercandetti
Fuego del Mar, formerly known as Feugo Taco, closed last week.
After sticking it out for three and a half years at Camelback Esplanade, a mostly empty Biltmore-area shopping center, Fuego del Mar (formerly Fuego Tacos) closed its doors for good on Saturday, June 28.

The restaurant, owned by Jeff Ward of Fuego Restaurant Group, opened under the name Fuego Tacos in January 2011 but re-branded as Fuego del Mar, a Latin seafood restaurant. Ward has sold the restaurant to a new owner.

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Fuego del Mar served a seafood-heavy menu of Latin cuisine that included dishes such as fish and shrimp tacos, Peruvian ceviche, pescado Veracruz. Other entrées included pernil tacos, seafood chile relleno, and pernil asado. Dinner entrées ranged in price from $22 to $25, while lunch items fell around the $12 price point.

Fuego Bistro, located at 713 East Palo Verde Drive in Phoenix, is still open. Ward opened the small, tucked-away spot in 2007; Fuego Taco/del Mar was intended to be the restaurant's more casual spinoff.

Fuego CityScape, located in downtown Phoenix, also remains open.

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Location Info

Fuego del Mar - CLOSED

2501 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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wherewasi topcommenter

Guess you guys saw something I didn't.  Blah food and expensive for what it was. Thought the chips were WAY to thick and heavy and tasted like rancid lard. Ate there a few times; whenever they changed up their menu - never was impressed.

Melanie Alvarado
Melanie Alvarado

aww, it was a cute little dinner spot my husband and i liked to go to. Too bad.

Patrick Radar
Patrick Radar

Glad the girlfriend planned a dinner there on my bday on the 21st, good place.

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