How to Make Your Own Popsicles, a.k.a. Paletas

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Rachel Miller
Banana Coconut Chia Seed Pop and Pineapple Yogurt Pop.

Popsicles also known by their new trendier name, palettas, have become uber hip. A rainbow of paletas is popping up all over the place in funky flavors, making it easier to get your lick on. But as with most things, I want to make them myself.

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Rachel Miller
Cheapy plastic pop mold.

I remember my mom making popsicles for us as kids, though truth be told, I just remember the molds, and not really the flavors. I went in search of molds a couple years back, finding some cheap plastic ones, though I have currently added these beauties to my Amazon wishlist.

Popsicle possibilities are endless and that's part of the fun of being able to make them at home. Lavender and blueberry cream or a Manhattan cocktail popsicle? Um, yes please!

Since I am trying to stay on the healthy side of treats, I've been making smoothies and freezing them as popsicles, or blending up fresh fruit with yogurt and freezing it up. There is so much amazing fruit in season right now, you can't help but feel inspired to create delicious fruity pops.

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