Cocktail Summer Camp at The Gladly: 200 Years of Whiskey Cocktails Passed in a Flash

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Evie Carpenter
Summer Cocktail Camp at The Gladly is an educational experience -- with a whole lot of booze.
Are you good at retaining information while consuming a formidable amount of alcohol? If so, then chances are you'd get a lot out of The Gladly's Summer Cocktail Camp, a series of bi-monthly cocktail classes featuring some of the Valley's top mixologists this summer.

Each booze-soaked camp features a different theme and at last Sunday's event, Chow Bella was invited to explore the history of whiskey cocktails with Travis Nass of Last Drop Bar at the Hermosa Inn. The class included demonstrations and recipes for four whiskey-based cocktails dating back as far as the late 1700s.

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Evie Carpenter
Camp leader Travis Nass talks about the history of whiskey cocktails with the crowd.
A few dozen attendees gathered around The Gladly's bar on Sunday afternoon to watch Nass mix and shake up the drinks while explaining the history behind each cocktail. After watching each demonstration, co-host and The Gladly mixologist Brian Goodwin passed out cocktails for the crowd to enjoy.

The whiskey journey began with the oldest of the four drinks, a mint julep, which dates back to 1784. Nass' simple recipe included just two ingredients: whiskey (in this case, Builleit 10 year) and mint syrup. Nass explained that the mint julep was originally prescribed by doctors as a means for treating stomach illnesses.

Though a two ingredient drink might seem pretty straightforward to make, Nass shared a few of his tricks to taking your julep game to the next level. For example, he explained that lightly hitting fresh mint springs on the edge of the glass releases the herbs' essential oils directly into the cocktail -- as opposed to slapping them in your hand, which puts the oils on your palm. Another surprising tip: buy bags of crushed ice from Sonic to get the perfect consistency for a julep.

Lauren Saria
A mint julep, made with whiskey and mint syrup, dates back to the late 1700s.

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