Bulletproof Coffee Mixes Butter in Coffee, Claims Health Benefits

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Heather Hoch
It may look frothy and innocent, but this Bulletproof trend packs a major punch.
What if I told you that you could mix butter and oil in your coffee in the morning and reap health benefits from weight loss to increased mental acuity and even help digestion and heart health? If you think I'm absolutely crazy, I really wouldn't blame you, but that's exactly what Bulletproof Coffee drinkers are saying.

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Popular among CrossFit folk and even Paleo dieters, Bulletproof Coffee is simple: eight ounces of hot drip coffee, one teaspoon of grass-fed unsalted butter (like Kerrygold), and one teaspoon of MCT-rich coconut oil. Then you froth the combination, which does give it a lovely, velvety texture. However, by mid-cup, you definitely know that you're drinking butter.

Like many health fads, Bulletproof Coffee supporters have a laundry list of alleged benefits. It's supposed to help sustain energy levels, negating crash effects. It's supposed to help your brain, heart, stomach, and more. It's also supposed to possibly function as a meal replacement for non-breakfast eaters.

Though I would never encourage people to skip breakfast (because it is the best meal ever), I will admit that after my first cup, I wasn't hungry at all until about lunch time. Whether that's because I drank what tasted like a cup of hot, melted butter or it actually suppressed my appetite, I can't say.

Travis Radevski, owner of Sip Coffee and Beer House in Scottsdale, offers the coffee-butter-oil blend at his new coffee shop. He also says that he drinks a cup each morning before working out. Though he doesn't claim to have noticed any of the touted health benefits of the drink, he does say that it helps him stay satiated when he doesn't eat breakfast.

Nutrition and culinary consultant Michelle Dudash says there actually might be some truth to this.

"For someone who doesn't eat any breakfast at all, it is better than nothing, since they will be getting some calories to break the fast and help with satiety," she says. "However, for the person who eats breakfast with some fat in it, the benefits from this drink would start to drop off."

Dudash recommends fat- and nutrient-rich foods like nuts or avocados for those who skip breakfast. As for the other claims, she says moderate coffee drinking has shown benefits like increased alertness and antioxidant levels. MCT coconut oil even "has shown some promising fat-burning effects." However, she does warn that adding butter to your daily cup of coffee probably isn't a good idea, as butter should be eaten in moderation regardless of what it's paired with.

"Overall, a cup of Bulletproof Coffee probably wouldn't cause harm to the average healthy person," Dudash says.

Radevski does warn that you should always pair Bulletproof Coffee with a workout and says that educating guests when they order it is a priority at his coffee shop.

"It's not something you should drink for the hell of it," he adds. "It is butter, after all."

If you want to try Bulletproof Coffee for yourself, you can get an eight-ounce serving for $4 or a 16-ounce cup for $5. Radevski says for first timers (and even himself) he recommends the smaller size.

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I thought it would be disgusting. But here I am, 5 months later, putting some butter in my single cup coffee. Bulletproof, it's surprisingly good. That should be the slogan. 

Morgan Maria Brown
Morgan Maria Brown

Far from bullshit. It's great to see the popularity catching on. Been drinking bulletproof for years. Fat doesn't make you fat. That is all.

David Martinez
David Martinez

Bro you know how Phoenix is, every fucking coffee bar from Chandler to Peoria will start over charging for this bullshit. You just watch.


This is something. I wonder how it tastes. Coffee and butter...I may be deilicious if they make it public. Butter is considered a "good fat" I think base don what I have read. While it is true that healthy weight loss may lead a person to get a certain appearance. It really seems that advantages may go beyond. I have read that losing weight may be beneficial for conditions like diabetes, painful knees, blood pressure and of course obesity. I share more about this subject on the page: specialfatloss.com

There you may also find a link to a video that introduced me to a reason why weight loss may be different for males and females. It was a phenomenon, I was not aware of.

With that being said, I don't believe that a diet should lead you to feel depressed because you should never eat delicious and lawful food again. Is there any benefit in a diet that may be impossible to follow long term?


In the infamous words of Michael Pollan: avoid any product that makes a health claim.

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