Tacos Sahuayo vs. Tacos Chava: Taco Truck Take Down

Natalie Miranda
Tacos from Tacos Sahuayo truck on McDowell Road.

Taco trucks serve up some of the best tacos we've had, and it's always a thrill to pull up to a random truck and scope their menu to see what they have that the last truck didn't have.

Phoenix has a seemingly endless supply to choose from for those late-night cravings for fresh Mexican food. We took on two trucks in the Valley, Tacos Sahuayo and Tacos Chava, to compare which one serves up the best food.

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In This Corner: Tacos Sahuayo

Natalie Miranda
Tacos Sahuyao's setup on a nightly basis lights up the dark stretch of McDowell at night.

The Setting: After 8 p.m. anything east of 24th Street on McDowell is pretty dead since a good stretch of the street is filled with mechanic shops. But just before you hit 32nd Street your eyes will be drawn to the lights brightening up the seating area under the canopy of Tacos Sahuayo, a family-run truck located in the parking lot of Standard Restaurant Supply. They serve tacos, tortas, quesadillas, burritos and tostadas with you choice of asada, al pastor, chorizo, chicken, cabeza (head), and tripas (intestine).

Natalie Miranda
Chicken torta from Tacos Sahuayo is fitted between two soft pieces of warm bread.

The Good: We ordered three tacos: one al pastor, one asada and one chicken, as well as one chicken torta. The tacos came with fresh onion and cilantro, and they were great with the red salsa that had a roasted taste to it. The torta came with beans, lettuce, tomato and cotija cheese. It was hard to put the torta down because the meat and beans tasted so well, and the bread was so soft.

The Bad: Dry meat filled our tacos. The three meats tasted as if the cooks reheated leftovers and tried to hide it underneath the cilantro and onion. The only way to stomach it all was by filling the tacos with the salsa and squeezing a couple wedges of lime on them.

Location Info


Tacos Sahuayo

2922 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Tacos Chava

2801 W. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Kyo Ono
Kyo Ono

Mi licha broadway and 35 ave best mexican food.

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