Taco Guild in Phoenix Is A Beautiful Place with So-So Food

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Jackie Mercandetti
Taco trap: Beautiful setting, but so-so food at Taco Guild.
It doesn't take much to make an excellent taco. Oftentimes the very best ones come off of trucks or carts parked on the side of the road and its the simplicity of the dish that makes the dining so great.

But Taco Guild takes an altogether different approach. The restaurant offers creations that blend unexpected ingredients like bleu cheese with more tradition ones like chipotle cherry steak. In some cases the inventiveness yields successful results, but in other cases you end up with seriously unsavory eats.

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Here's an except from this week's review:

Does blue cheese belong in a taco? I'll let you decide, but it worked well in the chipotle cherry steak taco, with crispy fried poblano chiles and a cool chili aioli. Giving the middle finger to my less-is-more bias when it comes to tacos, this beef taco managed to effectively balance a dizzyingly array of textures and flavor profiles. Blue cheese also makes its way into the Molida Lamb, one of the menu's simplest and most satisfying offerings, consisting of little more than well-seasoned ground lamb, blue cheese, and a light smear of Creole-seasoned aioli. If it sounds unconventional, it's because it is. But, to my surprise, it works.

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Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel

4300 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

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Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia

Completely agree!!! Love love the variety of tequilas.

Claudia Delgado-Campbell
Claudia Delgado-Campbell

The food is less than stellar. Much less. The space is ok, but has a decidedly off-putting vibe. One visit will suffice for us.

Kay Morris
Kay Morris

Excellent review, echoes my thoughts.Overly complicated and trying too hard. Once was enough. Noisy, too.

Sharon Ridley
Sharon Ridley

Very true! I was not impressed with the food in the slightest and will not be back

Adelina Lee
Adelina Lee

Agreed! Prefer Joyride or Otro tacos.

Molly Fuzat
Molly Fuzat

Taco Guild > Blanco > Joyride > Gallo...

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