Chef James Porter of Petite Maison in Scottsdale to Host "Pissaladieres & Pinot" Dinner This Sunday

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Lauren Saria
Want to hang out with chef James Porter? Catch him this Sunday for Petite Maison's"Pissaladieres & Pinot" dinner.
Earlier this year you may remember that Scottsdale's Petite Maison restaurant hosted a three-part lunch series called Picnic on the Patio, during which guests were invited to share a family-style meal with chef James Porter. The events, which ran through the spring, were such a hit that Porter has decided to launch a summer version.

This Sunday, June 22 the restaurant will host a "Pissaladieres & Pinot" dinner. Guests will dine inside the restaurant (as opposed to on the patio) and will be greeted and served by Porter and his sous chef.

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The dinner event will be three courses, two of which will be served family-style, and costs $35 per person with wine.

For the main course diners will have their choice of three featured pissaladièrs, or a French take on pizza. The southern French dish has thicker and more chewy dough than a traditional pizza and is traditionally topped with caramelized onions, anchovies and black olives. Porter is doing variations that include house smoked salmon, braised lamb, and a classic version.

Here's the complete menu:

First Course
(served family style)
Grilled Romaine Caesar
secret caesar dressing | heirloom tomatoes | polenta croutons | shaved parmesan

Second Course
Modern French Pissaladièrs
(choice of)
The Little House
house smoked salmon | goat cheese | chives | pickled onion | fried capers
The Classic
classic pissaldière | caramelized onions | white anchovies |
garden thyme | picholine olives
The Mighty Meat
braised lamb | mereguez sausage| feta | grilled scallions | roasted fennel

My Banana Split
(served family style)
house churned vanilla ice cream |
warm chocolate | bananas
whipped vanilla cream | cherries | toasted peanuts

Reservations, which are required, are available between 5 and 6:30 p.m. Call 480-991-6887.

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Petite Maison

7216 E. Shoeman Lane, Scottsdale, AZ

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