Naya Mediterranean Cuisine in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card

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Lauren Saria
Mussel from Naya.
The better deal, however, was the $6 plate of mussels. We were shocked when our bowl arrived at the table with dozens of mussels in it. The crustaceans were dressed in a nice lemon and white wine sauce that we were more than happy to sop up with the pieces of grilled bread that also came with the dish. It was more than enough for to make a satisfying meal for one.

The Drink: On the drinks side of the menu Naya has two glass of wine available for $5 each (one read, one white) as well as a red and white wine available for $6 a glass.

Lauren Saria
A Citron Mint Collins
We went instead for two of the restaurant's $5 specialty cocktails. The first was a Citron Mint Collins, which is basically the restaurant's play on a mojito. It featured vodka, fresh mint, citrus, agave, and tonic water and was a very light and refreshing drink -- perfect for summer.

We also tried the $5 Serrano Margarita that was made with Serrano tequila, fresh citrus juices, and agave nectar. This drink offered a nice bit of heat but still managed to be a well-lanced and easy to drink cocktail. It was a bit heavier on the booze, we discovered upon finishing it a little too quickly.

The Conclusion: Although it was a little awkward being the only ones in such a giant restaurant, we were happy with the food, drinks, and service at Naya. If we lived closer to the area, we would be happy to stop in for a drink and a snack. It would be nice if there were more drinks on special. But at least those that we tried were on point.

Grade: C+

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Naya Mediterranean Cuisine

8877 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Lynette Everts
Lynette Everts

Yah... Why the C+? Seems like the only negative was that the happy hour drink menu was small. smh

Tony Pontecorvo
Tony Pontecorvo

I'm surprised you gave only a C+, seemed like you were really happy with everything. I'd rather have two great cocktail options than six cruddy ones. Did i miss something?


Since you were so pleased with the food, drinks, and service, not sure why it only garnered a C+? Was it THAT weird having the place to yourself???


do you mean central scottsdale?

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