Guido's of Chicago: Time-Tested Traditions Preserve The Simple Pleasure of Eating

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Jackie Mercandetti
Time-tested traditions abound at Guido's of Chicago in Scottsdale.
These days it's hard to find a place that does things the old fashioned way, without over-manipulating ingredients and reinterpreting every dish. Inevitably, we crave messy, imperfect, but real food. Places like Guido's of Chicago.

The restaurant has been serving some of the Windy City's most-popular eats in a Scottsdale strip mall for more than 30 years. Looking for an excellent rendition of Broaster chicken, a Chicago classic? You'll find the pressure fried chicken at Guido's, even though the restaurant is more of an Italian deli. Other specialties including housemade Italian sausage and a classic Italian beef sandwich that features highly seasoned top round soaked heavily in gravy.

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Here's an except from this week's review:

I left asking myself if there could possibly be a better marinara in this town. Resplendent and nuanced, this sauce is the perfect counterpoint to modern culinary trendiness. Instead of being highly refined and silky smooth, it has texture -- lightly seasoned, and garlicky as if it came from a big, simmering pot in your own kitchen, not a lab experiment. After all, it's made in-house every day, just like the hearty Bolognese and rich Alfredo sauces. And when it adorns a simple bowl of spaghetti, this sauce truly is an eloquent expression of food that reflects time-tested traditions and repetition.

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Guido's Chicago Meat & Deli

10893 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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66rock topcommenter

Never heard that term,if memory serves we call it broasted chicken in Chicago, not broaster.


@66rock You're correct that the "style" is called "broasted," but the actual brand of product they use is called "broaster." So.....we're both right!

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