Gordon Ramsay Announces the End of Kitchen Nightmares

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Courtesy of Fox.
Now at the end of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay admits to "failing to help" some restaurants.
Bad news for fans of Gordon Ramsay's anger-filled restaurant makeover show Kitchen Nightmares: The TV celebri-chef announced via his website yesterday that "as filming comes to a close on the latest series of Kitchen Nightmares I've decided to stop making the show."

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Ramsay's statement goes on to tout the large viewer base the show has garnered over the past ten years it aired. Then, in an odd choice of ordering, he mentions that he also helped people, or at least tried to, to the tune of over 100 restaurants served.

Most notably, he also admits to failing to help people. Of course, he then mentions Amy's Baking Company, which was the one and only time he ever walked out on a restaurant before finishing the revamp.

Ramsay finished by assuring that he will "be continuing with [his] other shows." You can read the full announcement on Gordon Ramsay's website.

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It's the perfect time to hang it up... The shock of "Amy's Baking Company" was so widely absorbed that, from a ratings standpoint, he goes out with a bang! No other restaurant will ever top that horrifying scene... Would you continue to watch "Finding Bigfoot" if they found Bigfoot in the season prior?.. Gordon Ramsey found his "Bigfoot" in Scottsdale, Arizona...  


Good - one less time to see him on the air. He's no chef - just a big mouth spouting off and trying to impress people. 

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