The Best Way to Cut a Cake -- With Science

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Don't let your birthday cake go stale before you can eat it!
We've all been there: You end up with almost an entire cake in your fridge but in the ensuing days it becomes crusty and hard. Luckily, about a hundred years ago, a man invented a way to cut a cake without it losing any of its fluffy, moist deliciousness. Now this magical scientific approach to cake cutting is back with an informative video that shows the way for you to never have to share your birthday cake again.

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While you pretty much have to be a jerk and take the best part of the cake first to cut it in this method, if it saves cake, we don't really care about saving face. Here's how it's done:

Note that this cutting method is only really viable with a cake covered in fondant, which limits your options, but at least it's something.

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