ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card

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Heather Hoch
Housemade sangria is billed on the menu as a hot commodity by touting its "limited availability."
The Drink:
In terms of cocktails, ZuZu offers options like a Dark and Stormy, a vodka-spiked strawberry lemonade, and a blackberry bramble with Bombay gin. At $6 a pop, we were hoping for a little more balance from the highly sweetened cocktails. Similarly, the housemade sangria (also $6) was a bit too on the sweet side for us to enjoy.

$6 wine by the glass, with two whites, two reds, and a sparkling option, are also available and beer is $4 for select varieties. One of the $4 brews is PBR on draft, which we laughed at out loud when we saw. $4 for PBR might fly in Brooklyn, but we'd probably stick to whatever Four Peaks seasonal beer is on tap for the same price.

The Conclusion:
You're paying for ambiance and hip digs at ZuZu, but they certainly don't gouge you as much as other hotel bars do. Sure, $4 for PBR is crazy, but we'd pay $12 for an Old Fashioned and that ribeye dip again--especially if we're staycationing at the hotel.

Grade: B

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Location Info

ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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