Poutine Chain Coming to Tucson, But We Need It in Phoenix

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Heather Hoch
U.S. Fries for us, please!!
It's not often that we find ourselves seething with envy over Tucson's dining scene. Sure, we like the cocktails at Scott & Co. and who can resist a late-night trip through the Eegee's drive-thru, but Tucson Weekly's announcement that the late-night fast food chain U.S. Fries will be hitting the city in a big way later this year is almost too much too handle.

Tucson, we love you, but we're going to try to take U.S. Fries away from you, and here's why.

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According to Tucson Weekly, the U.S. Fries Tucson-area locations will begin opening in August and then keep opening with a planned total of about 15 stores. It's only fair that Phoenix should get at least one.

The all-poutine, all the time restaurant features everything from classic Montreal-style poutine to nacho and Philly cheesesteak styles as well. Pork lovers can choose from bacon, sausage, and pulled pork, but there are also veggie options and even a chicken curry topped poutine.

Worst of all, the restaurant plans to be open as late as 3 a.m., which pretty much just adds insult to injury for us Phoenicians who have a difficult time getting our hands on good poutine and an even harder time getting good food after 10 p.m.

So U.S. Fries, we're pretty much begging you. Come to Phoenix.

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Cindy Coplen
Cindy Coplen

Nook has phenomenal Poutine for just 5 bucks at happy hour!


Take off, eh! Not to belittle you hosers' acquisition, but clearly the first location in America belongs in Montréal, Quebec's sister city - New Orleans, eh. Good day, eh! ;o)

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