How to Make Tropical White Sangría for a Big Group of People

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JK Grence
Trader Vic wouldn't approve of the little paper umbrella. But he's not coming to your party, is he?
Pool party season is definitely upon us. My tiki torches are primed and ready to go. All I need now is something delicious to serve my party guests.

I could always put out a big ice-filled bucket of beer, but what's the fun of that when I could make a great drink? In this case, something crowd-pleasing is key. It should have a decent kick, but not be so strong that everyone has only half a glass before staggering away. And the flavors should be at least a little familiar, but there should be a little extra twist so people don't get bored.

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I thumbed through my bar books for inspiration. I eventually landed upon one of my favorites, the 1972 Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide, arguably one of the finest books written about tropical drinks. On a dog-eared page was Tahitian Rum Punch for 100.

It fits my criteria perfectly. It's a little bit of a rum sour, but thanks to the inclusion of white wine it's mostly a white sangría. There's a variety of citrus fruit for complexity, and some banana and mint get an overnight soak to provide some subtle undertones. The overnight soak also means that the work on the day of the party will be minimal.

There is, however, one problem with the recipe. I can't fit 100 people in my backyard. At least, not without a shoe horn and guests willing to be friendlier than usual.

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