The Truth About Your Choices in the Grocery Store

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Do you really have that much to choose from in the grocery aisle?
It might seem like every time you go into a supermarket there are about thirty new food products displayed prominently on end caps trying to draw you in. However, a new infographic from Finances Online shows that while there are a lot of products, only a handful of companies really control the market. According to Alex Hillsberg, a journalist from Finances Online, the truth behind the $603 billion dollar industry is pretty disturbing once you find out just how little choice you have when you buy your weekly groceries.

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Finances Online

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It's really no different than the New Times food recommendations. You recommend the same restaurants and foods over and over again because they advertise with you. Were you being honest, your reviews would be a lot more varied and would not always rave about the places you review. Honest reviews are what people want - not just someone who follows the supposed experts of the pack.

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