Thai Rama in Phoenix Is Temporarily Closed After a Car Crashed Into the Restaurant (VIDEO)

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Thai Rama/Facebook
The restaurant on Camelback Road is temporarily closed.
If you've driven by Thai Rama on Camelback Road in the last month, you might have noticed the restaurant looks a bit different. That's because a cab crashed into the restaurant's dining room last month, causing it to have to temporarily close until reconstruction is completed.

The restaurant, which is located at 1221 West Camelback Road, is family-owned and operated and has been a neighborhood favorite for years.

You can see a video of the accident after the jump.

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According to the time stamp on the video below, which was posted on the Thai Rama Facebook page, the accident happened at 7:37 a.m. on Tuesday, April 22. Fortunately the restaurant was empty when what appears to be a Discount Cab plows into the dining room.

Keep an eye on the Thai Rama Facebook page for news about when they'll be able to reopen.

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Thai Rama Restaurant

1221 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

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kspidel moderator

So sad. But thankful it is not permanently closed. We need to start a kickstarter for them. Love the family and the food!

Carole Magary
Carole Magary

Really? Is that what the driver said? Probably texting!

Harley Gannon
Harley Gannon

Shannon MacLeod, I guess we still will have a chance for Thai.

Jayd Lem
Jayd Lem

Glad to hear they're closed just temporarily!

valleynative topcommenter

Text message found on phone:

"Can I crash at your pad, Ty?"

Sandee Skversky
Sandee Skversky

Love their food. Stopped often to take food home for dinner after leaving school at GCU.

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