5 Summertime No-Bake Desserts

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Rachel Miller
Clementine panna cotta with cream and zest.

Summer is pushing in on us here in Phoenix, and it is time to start prepping for toasty days and sweltering nights. Kiss our patio dinners goodbye until fall. When the temperature rises, the last thing you want to do is turn on the oven. Here are our 5 desserts to master this summer. No oven use required.

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Panna Cotta - A light and refreshing choice, panna cotta is a blank slate for flavors of summer. Fresh berries. Mint. Vanilla. Work on finding a perfect texture. Firm and creamy, but not too stiff.

Semifreddo - This "half cold" Italian dessert is a mix between an light, fluffy ice cream cake and mousse. I've heard you can take ice cream or gelato with whipped cream folded in then add delicious bits you love to make a cheater version of the semifreddo. The traditional method does involve some custard making, but nothing too complicated. Freeze in a loaf pan. Turn out and slice to serve. For flavors, the innards of your pantry or fridge can shape your semifreddo. Think toasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate chunks. Strawberries, crème fraiche and honey.

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