#PM31 at T. Cook's at the Royal Palms Is an Unforgettable Dining Experience

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Lauren Saria
One of more than a dozen courses offerd by chef Paul McCabe at #PM31.
Earlier this spring T. Cook's at the Royal Palms resort launched #PM31, a weekly dining event during which executive chef Paul McCabe creates a multicourse dining experience for a small group of guests. The dinners, held every Wednesday night, are completely improvisational -- every ingredient arrives the day of the dinner, so the menu is created just hours before dinner begins.

Wednesday night, a handful of media members were invited to experience #PM31 and the full extend of chef McCabe's talents firsthand. The dinner featured more than a dozen different sweet and savory plates, ranging from light snacks like a piece of Noble Bread with seaweed-infused butter to luxurious bites of A5 steak.

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Lauren Saria
Foie gras torchon
#PM31 -- the name combines "Paul McCabe" or "p.m.," as in evening, and the number of the dining room's community table -- allows McCabe to let his creative side run free. Unlike with the regular T. Cook's menu, McCabe doesn't have to play to the tastes of the average resort diner allowing him and those with an open mind about food have a seriously enjoyable dining experience. Every dinner includes up to 12 courses, though the exact number will rely on the chef's whim. Our experience included more than 12 plates, though some were small amuse bouche-like snacks instead of full courses.

Lauren Saria
Sprouted quinoa with kale, chanterelles, and smoked char roe caviar.
Our meal started with a series of cold courses many of which highlighted fresh vegetables and fruits, including local Schnepf Farm peaches. Standouts included a foie gras torchon with hazelnut brittle, a perfect balance of fat and sweetness, and a beautiful bone marrow dish with hamachi taretare, fresh peaches, and jalapenos. The presentation alone was breathtaking and the dish offered some of the freshest, truest flavors we've experienced in a long time.

A favorite of the first portion of the meal definitely had to be the sprouted quinoa served with fried kale, chanterelles, smoked char roe caviar, and Parmesan foam. The combination of textures made this dish a particularly memorable one, with the crunch from the kale and sprouted quinoa and the popping of the salty caviar making for a very playful dish.

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T. Cook's

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Hr Hamada
Hr Hamada

wow, I've been hearing such amazing things about Chef Paul from friends and from fellow cooks. I will have to probably break down and go, but my experience with TCooks front of house was so bad, I vowed never to go again.

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