Watch PancakeBot, a Pancake-Making Robot, Create the Eiffel Tower

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Breakfast just got a whole lot prettier.
Back when we were growing up, the pinnacle of pancake artistry was probably the Mickey Mouse pancakes at Disneyland. However, springing out of the ever merging worlds of food obsession and technology, the PancakeBot crafts beautifully intricate designs out of pancake batter, resulting in the best breakfast you've probably ever had.

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The robot works by drizzling batter out onto a griddle based off of a computer-generated design, kind of like a food printer. Though the first attempt at a PancakeBot was partially made out of LEGOs and was significantly less refined, the strides made in a couple years have us hopeful for the future of pancake robots.

Can you imagine how well syrup hides in the little grooves of that Eiffel Tower pancake? Then there's this masterpiece of stop motion breakfast animation featuring a full line-up of breakfast foods, along with a PancakeBot-made pancake.

There's no word yet on plans to release the PancakeBot or its designs, but we're anxiously checking the website for updates on this magical pancake making machine.

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