Doc Brown of Doc's Artisan Ice Creams, Arizona's First Small-Batch Ice Creamery

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Lauren Saria
Brown packages pints of gelato and ice cream.
Brown says what makes him stand out is his ability to combine otherwise uninspiring ingredients into something unique.

"I look at ice cream the way I look at cooking," Brown says.

In the south Tempe production center, Brown has the machinery to make everything from ice cream to Midwestern-style frozen custard. In addition to his pasteurization equipment, he's got three different types of ice cream making machines -- including one from Italy -- and a large commercial freezer. He can make frozen pops, ice cream, sorbet, custard, gelato, and in the future hopes to get the liscences required to make live culture frozen yogurt.

Lauren Saria
Doc Brown brings his cart to farmers markets around the Valley.
As you can imagine, production of such a wide variety of product requires quite a bit of knowledge. And Brown has the credentials to back it up. The former geologist says he love the scientific side of it all and spent nearly a decade taking ice cream courses around the country. For year, Brown says he enrolled in two to three classes a year, including the prestigious Ice Cream Short Course offered annually at Penn State.

He's made about as intensive a study of ice cream as one can imagine, checking trade magazines for flavor inspirations and amassing a library of ice cream-related books.

Education is a driving motivation for the retired police officer. He says he's not interested in opening a retail store, but would rather focus on working with local restaurants and ice cream artisans as a middle man. Brown can sell his pasteurized base and even customize it to a buyer's specifications. He's also hoping to do private labeling for hotels, restaurants, and other customers.

For now, you can find him at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market and hopefully at the Gilbert Farmers Market sometime soon. He also brings his products to the University of Phoenix Fountainhead Farmers Market on the third Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1625 West Fountainhead Parkway in Tempe.

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Doc's Artisan Ice Creams

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