Brandon Casey on Taking Over for Richie Moe and Citizen R+D's Future

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Heather Hoch
Casey plans on shaking things up at R+D, awful pun intended.
One new cocktail he has planned is a watermelon fennel margarita with olive oil and sea salt, but Casey's imprint on past menus was scene in the carbonated cocktails and pretty much all of the shandys on the menu.

Now he looks forward to dialing some of the drinks back to focus on simplicity and balance. He loves experimenting with the Negroni template, subbing whiskey for gin or messing with different amaros, but when he's drinking he prefers to go an even simpler route--Jameson straight up.

"Simple is back in," he explains, well, simply.

In the future, Casey plans on working side-by-side with the chefs in the kitchen to offer weekly cocktail and entrée pairings that will be offered Thursday through Saturday, which he says will start after Restaurant Week. He's also working on barrel aging highland blanco tequila in white oak barrels soaked with Bordeaux. He hopes to have a complex, tannic, but smooth añejo by October, but he takes the barrel down from the office rafters from time to time just to check its progress.

Most of all, Casey says he is looking forward to focusing on guest education, making the experience at Citizen more inclusive. He says if he can get someone hooked on a Moscow Mule, which he calls a "gateway cocktail," then he can start to teach them more about cocktails in general and share that same passion and excitement for craft cocktailing that initially hooked him.

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