5 Pretty Ways to Package Your Baked Goods

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Rachel Miller
Yellow tulip cups add something special to cupcakes.

I love excellent packaging on the products I buy. Even when I'm baking up a few nibbles for my family and friends, I want my goodies to look fabulous. You can find a wide variety of colored and patterned disposable baking cups and loaf pans, but here are a few that stand out to us, and where you can pick some up for your next foray in the kitchen.

Rachel Miller
Packaging is very important for business, but also for your home table.

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Rachel Miller
Teal tulip cups are a perfect pop of color.

Teal Tulip Cups

I'm madly in love with these teal-colored tulip baking cups. I use them already for my pastry business, but to have them in such a brilliant color like teal would make my cupcakes stand out against the rest.

My favorite thing about these tulip liners is the sophistication they add compared to plain Jane cupcake liners. I've had a few people ask me how much time it takes to fold them before I bake. "Hours," I reply before letting them in on the secret that they come already folded. These liners do require a standard-size muffin tin for baking.

KitchenKrafts.com offers many color options and patterns. You can also find these at ABC Cake Decorating Supplies here in Phoenix, though they do not offer a large selection of colors.

Wooden Baking Pans

These wooden baking loaf pans add a beautiful touch of rustic beauty to any baked goods you may want to gift. Bake your goodies directly in the wooden pan, with a parchment liner. While a bit more expensive than a paper baking loaf pan, these wooden pans are definitely worth it for special occasions. Pick them up from King Arthur Flour. Side note: Every few months, King Arthur has a free shipping sale for orders over $60. Buy your goodies in bulk when the sale pops up.

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Matthew Giacomazzo
Matthew Giacomazzo

Call this instead 5 ways to fill your landfill. There are lots of compostable/recyclable materials available that could used instead especially on small individual items such as this.

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