Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. in Gilbert: Happy Hour Report Card

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Heather Hoch
Is Arizona Wilderness Brewing's happy hour all about the beer?
The Spot: Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.
721 North Arizona Avenue, Suite 103, Gilbert

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The Hours: Happy Hour is offered Monday through Friday from 4 until 7 p.m. and all day Sunday.

The Interior:
With all the buzz surrounding Arizona Wilderness Brewing, including its being named the world's best new brewery by and being a Big Brain Award finalist for this year, it seemed prime time to try out the small Gilbert brewery's happy hour. The love of all things outdoorsy definitely comes through in the brewpub's décor, with hiking and camping paraphernalia prominently displayed throughout the bar. On our visit, the bar was hopping with folks happy to stand and wait for tables just to get a taste of the truly local brews coming from the taps.

Heather Hoch
Duck fat fries done Belgian-style at Arizona Wilderness.
The Food:
The bad news is you won't get discounted food during happy hour, the good news is appetizers are priced $6 to $9 normally, so you can still get fed without spending too much cash. Kicked up artichoke dip with roasted green chilis and cayenne pepper as well as pretzel sticks with beer cheese sauce and spicy red pepper hummus are great, relatively inexpensive options to split with your drinking buddies, although most of the menu is overtaken with beef, chicken, and veggie burgers.

Heather Hoch
We couldn't resist starting with some duck fat Belgian fries covered in rosemary and thyme ($6). Next time, we'll likely spend the extra $3 for the fries topped with pulled pork and beer cheese because the untopped version was a little on the bland side. The jalapeño meatloaf sliders ($7) definitely made up for the fries in the flavor department though, with juicy meatloaf, spicy jalapenos, and sriracha ketchup. Best of all, the pretzel buns, which seem obnoxiously trendy right now, were among the best we've had -- tangy, salty, chewy, and making us consider seconds with every bite.

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Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co

721 N. Arizona Ave., Gilbert, AZ

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This place gave me the runs.  Avoid until they learn about proper sanitazation.

Johan Berkhoff
Johan Berkhoff

Waarom heb ik hier nog nooit van gehoord. Staat op mn lijst om te bezoeken

Nic Lindbergh
Nic Lindbergh

A review about this place I finally agree with! Yeah, they're pretty good. But I don't think they're the super awesome holy grail like other people keep saying. (Best beer in the country? Seriously?! No.)


We agree! 9 months in and we have a lot to do. We don't take it terribly seriously, but it is nice to see Gilbert, AZ on the map.  We will continue to get better and work to represent this community. Cheers Nic


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