The Coachella Diet Helps You Get Ready for Music Festivals in All the Wrong Ways

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LP Hastings
Gotta slim down if you want to rock your cultural appropriation gear and bikini top, apparently.
You read that right, folks. There's now a diet and exercise regiment originating out of California to prep gals for a weekend of bikini tops and cut-off shorts. We're all for getting in shape and eating right, but focusing on dropping poundage so you can slip into revealing outfits for Coachella isn't quite what a music fest should be about. While the diet's creators claim that it doesn't "focus overtly on weight loss," it's hard to not call bullshit on that when they frame the whole thing as a 30-day competition with prizes and weigh-ins.

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Happily, the silly idea, created by a fitness team in Cali who specialize in workouts that use drumsticks instead of weights (sigh), is already gaining a lot of criticism. There's even a Twitter account (@coachelladiet) devoted to making fun of the whole thing.


According to the blog Well + Good, the diet had a Facebook event page, but it seems it since has been deleted. Maybe we'll never know just how to do the Coachella diet. Maybe they got the hint. Maybe we don't care either way.

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