Domino's New Specialty Chicken: A Taste Test

image courtesy Domino's Pizza
"Hey, you got your pizza on my chicken nuggets!" "Hey, you got your chicken nuggets on my pizza!"

The Guilty Pleasure: Specialty Chicken
Where to Get It: Domino's Pizza. Locations everywhere, but you were getting delivery anyway.
Price: $5.99 when you buy another item from their mix-and-match menu
What it Really Costs: [opens box] Jeez, that's it for six bucks?

Domino's Pizza has me scratching my head lately. Over the last few years, they've done some hardcore marketing to say that their mass-produced pizza is less dismal than it used to be.

Then we saw a press release for their new four varieties of Specialty Chicken, boneless chicken pieces topped with sauce, cheese, and toppings. It's basically a pizza with chicken nuggets in lieu of crust.

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The advertising emphasizes taking risks, with a "failure is an option" mindset. On the one hand, it's true that there's no reward without risk. At the same time, way to hedge your bets, Domino's. Lower our expectations and we'll be more impressed by the result, at least in theory. And since everything is already in the kitchen, if it doesn't work all you have to do is take down the signs advertising them and all will be forgotten soon.

How are these new chicken bits? They didn't suck nearly as much as I expected. A couple of them were even somewhat enjoyable.

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