Steak 44 in Arcadia to Open on Saturday

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Courtesy of Steak 44
The restaurant, owned by the same group as Dominick's Steak House, will open this weekend.
Steak aficionados won't have to wait much longer to dig into a 22-ounce bone-in rib eye at Steak 44, the newest restaurant to come from the Mastro's family. The restaurant, located at 5101 North 44th Street (the former home of Cork 'N Cleaver), will open at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 5.

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If you've been driving by recently and noticed cars parked out front and the lights on inside (we did), it's because the restaurant has been hosting private parties all week -- offering specials to folks in the neighborhood. The first day Steak 44 will be open to the public will be Saturday.

Executive chef Geoff Baumberger will head up the kitchen.

The restaurant comes courtesy of Jeffrey Mastro, Michael Mastro, Dennis Mastro and Scott Troilo, who also own the opulent Dominick's Steakhouse at the Scottsdale Quarter. The team used to own the collection of Mastro's steakhouses before selling their Valley holdings in 2007. They opened Dominick's in 2011.

The menu at Steak 44 will include meaty options such as an 8-ounce petite fillet mignon ($38), a 16-ounce delmonico ($37), and a 22-ounce bone-in rib eye ($44). You'll also have the option to top off your steak with truffle butter ($4) or a crab cake "oscar" ($29).

Seafood options will include soft shell crabs with vanilla bean tempura and lemon butter ($28), Chilean sea bass ($39), whole king crab (mp), and vanilla lobster tail (mp). There's also a selection of salads, appetizers, and sides such as roasted Brussels sprouts, steakhouse stuffing, corn créme bruleé, potatoes with "Schreiner's" sausage, Dominick's potatoes (caramelized onion, Gouda, and mozzarella), and mac and cheese.

The 8,421-square-foot restaurant will offer design features including a 3,000-bottle wine vault in the entryway, a sunken bar, multiple dining rooms, and an glass expo kitchen.

You can make reservations on the Steak 44 website.

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Steak 44

5101 N. 44th St., Phoenix, AZ

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wherewasi topcommenter

Oh yeah rah rah! Just what we need is another snobby, over-priced "high end" steak house in the corridor. We have Donovan' s, Del Frisco and Capital Grill. Morton's and Ruth Cris closed because of lack of demand for $50 steaks.

I was so happy to hear that the Cork N Cleaver had been acquired and I thought someone was going to 're-open the C n C. ' They had the BEST bar-tender (Tommy Crowley - miss you, Sir, if you read this...) The Cork had good food, great pricing and it was comfy - like being at your best friend's house. This place is too snobbish. Doesn't belong in Arcadia.

Cork baked potato: $'1.00.  Steak 44 baked potato: $9.00.

Cork Shrimp Cocktail (Happy Hour): 6 w/cocktail sauce $8.95

Steak 44:  6 w/cocktail sauce $30.00 ($5 each)

I'm sorry ... I could go on and on about why I will never go to Steak44. Suffice it to say that I would NEVER spend the money that would feed a family of 4 for a month on a dinner for 2 whose primary purpose is to enrich "already rich people" and to "be among the beautiful people" ... (choke..cough..)

Steak44 sucks. Never been there... Never will.

Lucia Perry
Lucia Perry

Too much meat. Have some imagination, restauranteurs!

Jen Ann
Jen Ann

Oh wow, I so want to go!

wherewasi topcommenter

I am not a fan of high end steak houses, but in their defense, it IS 'Steak 44', not 'Vegetable 44'. I guess one expects to find lots of meat on the menu at a steak house ...

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