How to Make a South African Milk Tart

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Rachel Miller
A South African milk tart.

My husband arrived home with some crumpled printed pages from a website. Bold orange highlighter illuminated some of the words. He handed them to me. Just a few pastry ideas for me from his South African friend at work, Elwin.

After seeing my article on Lamingtons, Elwin wanted to pass along some ideas for South African pastry I should try out. If I was going to make Lamingtons from Australia, he thought I should also try my hand at some of his favorite desserts from home.

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Of the seven desserts he highlighted, I picked the Milk Tart, because I love custards, and a custard tart seemed like the perfect treat to enjoy these last few evenings of perfect patio weather.

Rachel Miller
Folding egg whites into the custard.

Essentially the milk tart is custard cooked on the stove, poured into a chilled tart shell, sprinkled with cinnamon then baked. I love recipes like this, because while perfect in their original form, they are also flexible enough to leave the door opened for a little experimentation and customization. Add some maple syrup or a splash of bourbon into the custard. Perhaps a layer of jam under the custard, and give it a different flavor.

The tart has a faint sweetness that is warmed by the dusting of cinnamon, yet it satisfies the sweet tooth. While I know the flavor will change once chilled, a stolen slice while warm is required. The warm custard melts across your tongue anchored only for a single moment by the curst, till that too bends to the effervescing powers of the custard.

A couple notes on the recipe. I used my own tart crust for this recipe, but you could easily use a pie shell. I added a tiny bit more sugar, a splash of Arizona Distilling Company Copper City Bourbon, and Hayden Flour Mill corn flour.

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Barb Walters Harris
Barb Walters Harris

mmmmmm....looks great. i just made a buttermilk tart and glazed it with maple syrup. now time to try this...

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